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The conflict between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards is much more than just a custody battle.

At this point, it’s an all-out war.

What started as a disagreent among exes has escalafred to the point that both of Bentley’s parents are now backed by their own army of supporters.

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The low point may have occurred at the taping for this year’s Teen Mom OG reunion special, when Taylor McKinney and Larry Edwards nearly came to blows.

But as recent episodes of the show remind us, the situation started deteriorating long before Maci’s husband and Taylor’s dad threw down in the presence of Dr. Drew.

This week saw preparations underway for Bentley’s 12th birthday.

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As with everything in the boy’s life, the situation quickly became a battleground for his guardians.

At one point, Jen revealed that she had reached out to Maci in the hope that she would be able to see the boy on his birthday.

"There’s no reason they keep Bentley from any of us for his birthday," she said.

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"There’s no reason to keep Bentley from any of us any time," Ryan replied.

The conversation — which made it clear that Jen and Ryan feel entitled to Bentley’s tie — was quite poorly received on social media.

"Here go Jen. y’all family is toxic and neglect Bentley. That’s a reason why he shouldn’t be over there unless he wants to," wrote one fan.

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"There’s no reason for keeping Bentley from his dead beat drug abuser dad his Smart mouth wife and enabling parents?? Oh ok jen ok," another added (rather harshly, we might add).

"Ryan and his parents are completely shady," a third chimed in.

The criticism continued, with Ryan’s mom surprisingly bearing the brunt of it.

Ryan Edwards Talks About Bentley

"Jen… Jen… ‘there’s no reason for Maci to keep Bentley from y’all’ …. Girl.. you so far off the beaten path with that comment," another commenter tweeted.

"Ohh Jenn go to hell! She’s not keeping him away," yet another observed.

"Ryan only asked because the producers told him he needs to at least ask about Bentley to get his check."

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No one is keeping Bentley away, he’s tired of your s–t Ryan!" an additional viewer pointed out.

Maci abd Ryan have been living on this battlefield for their entire adult lives, so they’re used to this cliber of criticism.

But the experience must have come as quite a shock to Jen.

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We would feel bad for her — but she really brought it on herself.

With Ryan’s history of drug addiction and brushes with the law, Maci could easily fix it so that he never sees his son again.

Jen likely knows this, but she’s spent so much time with Ryan and his gaslighting ways that she’s forgotten the reality of the situation.

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If she’s not careful, of course, Maci will remind her by having the Edwards clan stripped of all visitation rights.

In fact, it seems the only reason she hasn’t done so already is the fact that she genuinely wants Bentley to have relationships with his father, his grandparents, and even his stepmom.

But if those parties continue to mistake Maci’s kindness for weakness, they’ll likely learn the hard way that Bentley’s mom has had tricks up her sleeve all along.