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At this point, it seems abundantly clear that Jed Duggar-Katey Nakatsu are engaged.

Video of Jed’s proposal leaked online, and we’ve seen pics of the couple posing with the ring,

What’s less clear is why they’re keeping it a secret.

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Yes, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, this is a low-key affair.

The couple never even announced their courtship, much less an engagement, and now fans are dying to know what’s going on.

We suppose it’s not a hard and fast rule that every Duggar has to share updates on their love life.

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But that’s how it’s always been, and it’s not as though Jed is one to shrink from the spotlight.

In fact he seems to relish fame more than most Duggars.

Just last year, Jed ran for a seat in the Arkansas State House at the ripe old age of 20.

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He lost, but he seemed to enjoy the experience immensely, and he’s vowed to return to the political arena.

So why is he suddenly shying away from the public?

Why were Duggar fans forced to unearth this news on their own?

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The question might lie in the relationship between Katey’s parents.

Kory and Kim Nakatsu are divorced, which is a very big deal in the Duggars’ world.

Kory has since re-married, getting hitched to Kim Nakatsu several years ago.

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(This family loves the letter "K" more than the Kardashians.)

Divorce is on the long list of things that Jim Bob does not approve of, and while it seems strange that he would punish Katey for her parents’ actions, it also seems like the likeliest explanation.

In case you were wondering, there is one other Duggar in-law who has divorce in his family.

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Austin Forsyth is the husband of Joy-Anna Duggar, and his father got divorced before he met Austin’s mom.

A crucial difference, however, is that unlike Katey, Austin’s parents are currently together.

Now, we don’t know for certain that this is the reason the engagement is being kept under wraps.

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There are other possibilities, of course.

Maybe Katey has a dark past, or perhaps she just doesn’t like publicity (of course, if that’s the case, she probably shouldn’t be marrying a Duggar).

Whatever the case, fans are looking at the most secretive engagement in Duggar history and wondering WTF is going on.

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According to an invitation that leaked online, Jed and Katey are set to get married on April 3.

(In one of the Duggars’ rare concessions to the pandemic, guests will attend via livestream.)

When that happens, will the family finally go public with this big news?

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Or will they continue to keep Katy hidden, possibly as a result of her parents’ "shameful" past.

Only time will tell, but no matter what happens, it appears that the Duggars are looking to become a more private family these days.

In addition to the Jed-Katey situation, it appears that Jana is being courted by Stephen Wissmann, but again, no official announcement has been made.

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Has Jim Bob finally decided that the publicity isn’t worth the loss of privacy?

Or is there something more nefarious afoot?

We’re sure the truth will come out eventually — and in the meantime, Duggar fans will continue digging.