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Thanks to video that leaked earlier this week, we now know that Jed Duggar is engaged to Katey Nakatsu.

In some ways, this is your typical Duggar courtship, in which young people are given two to three months to get to know each other before they take the plunge.

But in other ways, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Photo via Instagram

For starters, Jed and Katey have been keeping their courtship under wraps.

We’re not sure why that is, but it seems to be part of a larger trend toward greater privacy in Duggar relationships.

Jana Duggar’s courtship with Stephen Wissmann has also been kept under wraps, which is a major disappointment to fans who have been waiting a decade or more news that Jana is off the market.

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As a result of the Duggars’ new appreciation for privacy, very little is known about Katey.

Fortunately, the internet’s most capable detectives have been locked down for a year with nothing but time on their hands.

Which means Katey’s identity is no longer a total mystery.

Jed Duggar-Katey Nakatsu Engagement Video: Leaked Online! Shady as Heck!

It looks as though Katey is not allowed on social media — one of the many ways in which the Nakatsu clan is a lot like the Duggars — but her family has their own website, where a surprising amount of tea has been spilled.

While they definitely embrace the Duggars’ form of extreme evangelicalism, Katey’s family is much more modern in many ways.

For one thing Katey went to school — an actual brick-and-mortar establishment where she graduated with other kids in 2016.

Katey Nakatsu Image
Photo via Instagram

On top of that, Katey’s parents, Kory and Kim Nakatsu, appear to have divorced, which is a major no-no in the Duggars’ world.

Kory — who is a retired American Express account executive — has since gotten remarried to a woman named Kerry Nakatsu.

(This family’s love for the letter "K" might run deeper than the Duggars’ fondness for "J.")

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Anyway, the Nakatus appear to have moved around quite a bit.

In 2018, Katey worked with a prison ministry program in Florida.

Her family then relocated to Arizona before buying a house in Arkansas in September in 2020.

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Also, Katey appears to share John David Duggar’s passion for the friendly skies.

She’s an amateur pilot who earned her Solo Flight Certificate last year.

Katey seems to be 22 — the same age as Jed — and she stands about five feet, seven inches tall.

Jed Duggar and Katie Nakatsu Engagement Photo
Photo via Instagram

The website Stars Offline estimates her net worth at $200.

We have no idea if tha’s true, but the pettiness of publishing something like that deserves to be applauded.

It seems that Katey has a sister named Lauren Nakatsu, but it’s unclear who’s the older and who’s the younger sibling.

Photo via Instagram

And folks, that’s just about it in terms of what we know about Katey Nakatsu, who has managed to keep a surprisingly low profile online.

Jed, of course, lost his run for the Arkansas State House of Representatives last year, but it seems that he’s not planning to give up on his plan to hold public office.

So hopefully, Katey is cool with the idea of being a politician’s wife — and giving up that privacy she worked so hard to protect.