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"Who goes home at 11?" is a fine question for wasted college students living their best lives.

Hearing Jovi Dufren say it when his pregnant fiancee was at home waiting for him, however, is a red flag.

Jovi often has a drink in his hand, whether he’s just gotten up for the day of off of a flight.

90 Day Fiance fans worry that he could be an alcoholic. Are they right?

Jovi Dufren asks who goes home at 11

Yara Zaya has called out Jovi for his drinking all season long.

There are times when drinking is socially encouraged or at least accepted.

8:50 in the morning is not one of those times.

Yara Zaya - you think I want to smell alcohol at 8:50?

Fans have noticed that Jovi is often holding a drink of some kind.

We don’t always know what he’s drinking, but viewers can guess.

While 90 Day Fiance might edit out scenes where Jovi isn’t drinking to give fans a certain impression … did they?

Yara Zaya to Jovi Dufren - and don't drink please, okay?

Repeatedly, Yara has scolded Jovi for coming home reeking of alcohol.

Part of it is that she doesn’t like how much he stays out partying.

Another part, of course, is that she’s pregnant, which dials her olfactory senses up to 11.

Yara Zaya to Jovi Dufren - you smell like alcohol

Jovi’s drinking also seems to be a problem when they go out together.

Whether it’s their own engagement party, their road trip for their wedding, or just a get-together, Jovi get smashed.

You can see them side-by-side speaking to the camera, with Jovi looking blitzed while Yara looks immaculate.

Jovi Dufren wakes up sleeping Yara Zaya

Yara and viewers aren’t the only ones who think that Jovi has pushed it a little far.

He actually has a (short) criminal record related to alcohol.

This isn’t one of those "scary" criminal histories that a couple of stars have had (Geoffrey, Uncle Beau), but it’s not great.

Jovi Dufren regrets Yara Zaya unhappiness, like it's not his fault

In 2008, Jovi’s record shows a DUI coupled with reckless driving, running a red light, and no seatbelt.

In 2009, in Florida, Jovi was charged with possessing alcohol under the age of 21.

In that case, he also missed court. He later pleaded no context and was sentenced to "education."

Yara Zaya still mad at Jovi Dufren on escalator

The good news about his court cases is that they happened ages ago.

This is presumably why we see Jovi very sensible take rideshares everywhere.

Until autonimous cars remove drivers (and driver error) from the equation entirely, rideshares are the next-best thing for safer roadways.

Yara Zaya - even your [bleep] friends come to me

Jovi also recently addressed his drinking on his Instagram Stories.

“Do you drink alcohol every day?” a follower asked during a Q&A.

For whatever it’s worth, Jovi replied: “not even close, but I do like to have a good time.”

We should also note that Jovi doesn’t seem to need booze to ignore Yara at parties.

Just recently, we saw him taking group selfies with his friends while Yara sat alone, ignored and forgotten.

That’s something for him to work on whether he’s drunk or sober.

Yara Zaya - even this wedding again is about Jovi (Jovi friend selfie)

Some fans have argued that Jovi can’t be an alcoholic, because he functions well enough to do his highly skilled job.

But … functioning alcoholics are a thing.

Also, there are unhealthy drinking patterns that don’t involve alcohol every day. Binge drinking is a real thing.

Yara Zaya - Jovi still do whatever he wants

Honestly, because reality TV plays so many games with what we’re seeing, it’s so hard to tell what Jovi’s relationship with alcohol actually is.

That said, his habit of partying later than he was supposed to and ditching Yara at parties sounds like an impulse control issue.

Jovi is going to be (well, is) a father. He needs to step up and make more responsible choices, even if they’re less fun.

Yara Zaya to Jovi Dufren - and don't drink please, okay?

Honestly? The best baseline, aside from testing to see if he’s chemically dependent, is whether or not drinking impacts his life.

Jovi’s job might not be an issue with his drinking, but now his life involves Yara and their child.

If you drink so much that you sabotage your relationship, you’re an alcoholic. Is Jovi? Only time will tell.