Does Brandon Gibbs Even Love Julia Trubkina? 90 Day Fiance Fans Aren't Sure

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Some 90 Day Fiance fans have been wondering if Betty and Ron Gibbs were just a red herring.

Is Brandon the true villain of this season? It's not clear.

But he has a pattern of behavior that has fans asking a question that's a little less abstract.

Does he really, truly love Julia?

Brandon Gibbs expresses uncertainty over wedding plans

Let's start with what fans have observed of Brandon's behavior on the show.

More than once, Brandon has shown what looks like a total disinterest in the wedding.

First, he didn't even seem to care about how his future bride looks in her possible wedding dress.

Julia Trubkina - don't say like 'I like this'

Then, things seemed better at first when Brandon and Julia went to look at a possible venue.

They stopped by a church, which Julia wants for her dream wedding.

Brandon seemed unprepared for the visit, but Julia laughed it off without issue.

Julia Trubkina - second time, you be fine

But then came Brandon seeming to forget why they were even shooting for the May 9 wedding date.

Genuinely, he forgot that this was the day that he told her "you look like my future wife."

Nobody (except his parents) faults Brandon for enjoying hitting it raw, but Julia is a person with feelings, she's not just there for sex.

Julia Trubkina - now I not feel this

When Julia expressed how this made her feel, viewers saw a whole other side of Brandon that they didn't like.

His lips were moving, but fans sensed that it was his mother's toxic voice that they heard.

Speaking harshly, he accused his crying fiancee of "lying," taunting her about her feelings instead of offering comfort.

Brandon Gibbs says stop lying, she cares or she wouldn't be crying

Even after that, Brandon seemed content to drag his heels when it came to the wedding.

He finally announced that he was ready and willing to marry Julia "next week."

His own parents had to tell him that, no, that would be waiting too long amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Brandon Gibbs ready to be married next week

On its own, this might just sound like he doesn't feel the deadline looming.

Coupled with everything else, it felt like disinterest or second thoughts about marriage.

Maybe that's not how Brandon felt, but it felt that way to fans ... and to Julia.

Julia Trubkina Says Brandon Gibbs Doesn't Care About This

Later, "alone" in their bedroom with the production crew, Brandon kept pushing for less.

He wanted a no-frills, simple, paperwork-only wedding for the moment.

Julia describes it best, actually.

Julia Trubkina Says "Thank You So Much. We Go Home, Take Care Animals"

After Julia left the room heartbroken, Brandon explained himself better to the camera.

In his mind, he wants a perfect wedding to Julia to happen when they can have a real wedding.

He doesn't see the point of a mini-wedding now. 

Brandon Gibbs wants to save wedding frills for future ceremony

Julia, however, worries that the big, "real" wedding isn't a realistic goal right now.

She notes that they have to save up for things like the green card application process.

Their hearts were in the right places, but ... different places.

Brandon Gibbs on 90 Day Bares All

But there were other things, less recent things, that have fans concerned.

For one thing, despite a steady, full-time job and presumably few expenses, he went $10,000 into debt wooing Julia.

He could have spent more of that money on the wedding, on their own place, on the visa and made Julia much happier.

Julia Trubkina Happily Embraces Brandon Gibbs

Someone who spends an unrealistic amount of money on someone in order to seduce them but admits to being broke after it works ...

... Well, that's a person who might be in love, or might just be horny.

It's not someone who is putting their future spouse first and thinking of their happiness and well-being, it's just trying to impress them.

Brandon Gibbs has news for Betty Gibbs in preview

This ties nicely into the next item, which is that Brandon just wasn't honest with Julia before she arrived.

She knew that they'd be living with his parents, but she had no idea about the room situation.

Julia and Brandon were required to share separate bedrooms, despite being grown adults.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Share the News

For most adults, the appalling disrespectful "house rule" that Betty and Ron set would be a dealbreaker.

Clearly, Brandon knew that.

He straight-up told the camera, as if it were a cute little deception, that he hadn't told Julia because she wouldn't come.

Julia Trubkina - I dirty and I smell

The other nasty surprise for Julia was Betty's list of farm labor that Julia was required to perform.

Paying someone's way from Europe and then having them work on your farm for free has a name.

It's called indentured servitude, and it is largely frowned upon in modern society.

Julia Trubkina - little, little fix

Brandon saw that Julia was suffering and miserable.

But she had to make an ultimatum before he would actually put his foot down with those awful parents.

Fans argue that if Brandon loved her, he would have been her strongest advocate -- not grudgingly negotiating after she forced his hand.

Brandon Gibbs Selfie with Julia Trubkina

So does Brandon really love Julia? We sure hope so.

It may be that emotional immaturity, caused by nearly three decades under the thumb of his controlling weirdo parents, is the culprit.

Julia is a fan favorite (and certainly one of ours), so we hope that she gets the happily ever after that she deserves.

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