90 Day Fiance Recap: Did Jovi Dufren Just Cheat on Yara Zaya?

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90 Day Fiance Season 8, Episode 13 had even more wedding prep than Episode 12 ... but also even more problems.

First, Yara's touching moments with Jovi and with his mom were forgotten when Jovi went way too far at his bachelor party.

Hazel confronted Tarik ... and did not believe his answers.

Things got worse for Rebecca and Zied as a simple sandwich pickup turned into threats that he might return to Tunisia.

Mike admitted that he wasn't ready to plan the wedding, putting a major sour note on Natalie's dress shopping.

Amira prepared to go to Serbia but explained why Andrew's impatience and lack of care was hurting so much.

Finally, Brandon and Julia's simple church tour turned into an exercise in cruelty as Brandon reduced his "future wife" to tears.

1. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Things have been good for these two, as illustrated when we first see them and Jovi is giving Yara a piggyback ride.

2. They've done cute touristy things

They've done cute touristy things
Yara pet an adorable baby alligator and it was a sweet moment.

3. She's even warming up to New Orleans ... a little

She's even warming up to New Orleans ... a little
It may be a "dirty village" as she previously described the city, but she can see that it has its charms.

4. But it's time to go dress shopping

But it's time to go dress shopping
Yara goes to look at dresses with Gwen, Jovi's mother.


Yara tried on a few different dresses, aiming for some sequined outfits that sparkle, show off her body, and also fit in perfectly for the Vegas wedding that she and Jovi had planned.

6. Yes, ma'am!

Yes, ma'am!
The slit on this dress was possibly a little high ... if you're a coward.

7. This is the dress

This is the dress
But picking out the right dress was not the only or even the biggest outcome of this outing

8. "I want you to come"

"I want you to come"
Yara invited Gwen to the Vegas wedding. She had previously said that she didn't want anyone there, because her own family cannot attend, but Gwen has been so supportive (and Yara is such a sweetheart) that Yara couldn't stand the idea of hurting her future mother-in-law's feelings.

9. Later ...

Later ...
Yara had a slip-and-fall on the streets of New Orleans, landing on her back. Given that she was pregnant, Jovi of course took her to get a check-up. The two bonded in part over miscarriage trauma before she came to America, so this is a very sensitive subject for them. Everything seemed to be okay, thankfully.

10. Yara recovered at home

Yara recovered at home
However, despite the affection that Jovi was bestowing upon her, Jovi had plans that night -- his bachelor party. (Remember, they're marrying way ahead of time because Jovi's work will need him to leave again soon)

11. Yara had just two requests

Yara had just two requests
First, she wanted him to come back before it's two late. Second, she asked him to not drink. We've all seen enough of Jovi in the previous twelve episodes to guess how well that could possibly go.

12. "Who goes home at 11?"

"Who goes home at 11?"
Jovi was accustomed to a carefree, untethered lifestyle of partying -- and that's great for him. But having a pregnant fiancee who just had a scare earlier that day is, well, exactly the sort of situation that should turn a party-boy into the kind of guy who goes home at 11. Also, Jovi should try it -- it's great practice for his thirties, when he'll actually *want* to go home at 11.

13. Jovi went out with bad influences

Jovi went out with bad influences
We've already seen how some of his friends and family don't think much of his relationship and don't want to lose their drinking buddy. There's a real conversation to be had about insecure spouses who try to alienate friendships, but ... that's not what's happening here. It isn't "friendships" that Yara is worried about.

14. JOVI, NO

Jovi's friend sends him upstairs with champagne and a stripper. Now, obviously, stripping is a kind of sex work but it's not full service sex work -- she's not going to bang him, and if she were, she wouldn't be taking part in this on-camera scene. However, one-on-one time in a VIP room is really not appropriate for a bachelor party ... and fans cannot help but feel that Jovi is cheating on Yara by agreeing to this.

15. Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan
People have been sharing memes about how boring Tarik and Hazel's storyline has begun, and ... devoting any amount of time to Tarik breaking down delivery boxes is a pretty good example of that. It's not their fault -- it's the pandemic lockdown -- but still.

16. Hazel wants to have a talk

Hazel wants to have a talk
She's unhappy, which sets the tone for their conversation.

17. It's about Tarik's desire to stay in contact with Minty

It's about Tarik's desire to stay in contact with Minty
First, he messaged Minty during the pandemic to see if she was okay. Then, they had a conversation on camera with Minty about their dating plans ... and Hazel was weirded out by the objectively weird decision to chat with their ex.

18. Hazel is having issues trusting Tarik

Hazel is having issues trusting Tarik
Specifically, she's worried that he likes Minty more. Remember, he met Minty separately from Hazel. He also shared a language with Minty and spoke to her in front of Hazel -- making Hazel feel left out. That's why they didn't work out as a throuple.

19. Tarik defended himself

Tarik defended himself
He told Hazel that he loves her, reminding her that he broke up with Minty, not with her, and that she's the one who's here and will soon marry him.

20. Did Hazel believe him?

Did Hazel believe him?
At that time, she told producers no. However, it looked like it didn't shake confidence in their upcoming nuptials.

21. Tarik went shopping

Tarik went shopping
Tarik tried on a very good-looking suit as he prepared for the wedding, but he did relate that not everything was perfect ... yet.

22. Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi
The two of them had to return early from their romantic getaway to the cabin because Rebecca had to work (she's a manager, so perhaps she was called in). That's just as well, as the tense conversation had kind of killed the mood.

23. Rebecca had food for Zied

Rebecca had food for Zied
She stepped out the back of the store to hand over a new sandwich that Zied had apparently been wanting to try. However, this sweet gesture was a gateway to even more tense, unpleasant conversation.

24. Neither of them are happy

Neither of them are happy
As Zied explained, he and Rebecca were clashing over when to hold their wedding. He wanted it before Ramadan begins, meaning weeks ahead of when the K-1 visa's time limit runs out. Rebecca wants a real wedding (despite the pandemic) and resents how Zied is so quick to agree to a courthouse wedding when she wants her perfect day. She also doesn't like how he dropped his reluctance to marry her during Ramadan and that he would not be willing to cohabitate with her before the wedding during Ramadan -- it's sudden news and should have been mentioned ages ago.

25. Rebecca was wary

Rebecca was wary
She doesn't want to be rushed by anyone, and after her abusive ex (her third husband), she's so leery of taking this step.

26. Zied was insistent

Zied was insistent
It is baffling to everyone that he would wait so long to bring this up with her ... leading a lot of viewers to wonder if this drama was concocted, by Rebecca and Zied or by producers, just to make things interesting when the pandemic limits their drama options (no more pretty blondes to offer him trucks, for example). The anger does seem genuine, though.

27. Here's Rebecca's big worry:

Here's Rebecca's big worry:
To the camera, she explained that she has observed that Zied's level of devotion to specific religious rules seems to wax and wane. That's pretty standard for a lot of people of faith (those whose religions guide how they should act in day-to-day life, anyway), but Rebecca wonders if he's using this as an excuse and he's reluctant to marry her for some other reason.

28. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
Rebecca told Zied that if he feels that they cannot live under the same roof during Ramadan unless they're married, he can stay somewhere else, because she's not leaving her home.

29. OOF

Zied replied that he could simply return home to Tunisia to stay with his family -- because he's in Georgia for Rebecca, not for a Green Card.

30. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva
With just 20 days until the K-1 visa runs out, Mike and Natalie were devoted to planning their wedding ... just kidding! They were setting up a banner for Uncle Beau's birthday.

31. Things were getting better

Things were getting better
Mike and Natalie share laughs over the birthday hats and other party favors. But it appears that Mike had put more thought into celebrating his uncle's birthday than he did into planning his own looming wedding.

32. There's even a cake

There's even a cake
Mike's neighbor Tamara stopped by with a customized cake. Uncle Beau also stopped by but because of his alarming criminal history, I'd rather avoid focusing upon him whenever possible.

33. 18 days to wed

18 days to wed
Mike made good on his threat from earlier this season and took Natalie fishing, which sounds very fun if you like a specific combination of activities and like a nightmare if you don't.

34. "I'm still trying to have good attitude"

"I'm still trying to have good attitude"
Let's be frank -- Natalie's behavior earlier this season was nothing short of appalling. But she shouldn't have to smile and walk on eggshells just to get Mike to show her affection. You're supposed to love someone if you're going to be engaged to them.

35. Natalie's attempts to lay out wedding plans don't work

Natalie's attempts to lay out wedding plans don't work
Painfully, she realizes that Mike isn't just avoiding the subject -- he actively does not wish to plan the wedding because, 18 days before her visa runs out, he doesn't feel that they're "there yet." Wow.

36. Natalie still has to try

Natalie still has to try
She makes a sitcom-style entrance to a bridal shop to look at wedding dresses ... completely alone except for the production crew.

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