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We probably don’t need to tell you that Farrah Abraham is the worst.

Okay, maybe she’s not the absolute worst — after all, she’s not nearly as bad as Jenelle Evans — but there’s no denying that Farrah is pretty freakin’ terrible.

Think of an appalling, deplorable, ignorant, or bigoted behavior, and Farrah has not only engaged it in, she’s posted a video of herself engaging in it in the hope that it’ll boost her engagement numbers.

What we’re saying is, no one should go to Farrah’s Instagram page, least of all children.

But ever since Farrah joined forces with her 12-year-old daughter, she’s been attracting a younger crowd than ever.

And not surprisingly, the parents of those impressionable tweens are not thrilled with the effect that the elder Abraham is having on their daughter.

Farrah Abraham Masked Up

Currently, Farrah is undergoing a rebranding and trying to present herself as a positive role model.

That way, she can continue to use her daughter to lure in a younger demo, without the parents of those kids getting her kicked off Instagram.

It’s the sort of strategy that reminds you that Farrah is a bit savvier than she seems … but only a bit.

Unfortunately for her, the attempt to ditch her reputation as a horrendous role model and an even worse mom is not going well.

She thinks that if she slams Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for "glamorizing" stripping, other moms will start to view as the type of person they want their daughters looking up to.

But Farrah’s idea of a fun mother-daughter outing is dragging Sophia to a pro-Trump superspreader event, so she’ll probably never become the feminist icon she hopes to be.

As you may know, March is Women’s History Month, and Farrah has seized the opportunity to remind everyone that she’s totes into gender equality.

"What a day to be a woman lead our next generation with confidence, strength, to continue systemic changes so women do not conform to gender norms, can continue to have great health care, education, equality in work, sex lives, lifestyle & be fearless among manipulators, hate, shamers, liars, and corrupt men & woman. Be Bold," she wrote on Instagram this week.

Okay, so it doesn’t completely make sense, but it’s downright eloquent by Farrah standards.

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

Unfortunately, Ms. Abraham paired that sentiment with a promotional post for a Korean beauty company called BB Glow, in which she claims to have invented a "natural" filter (whatever TF that is).

"Your natural is everything, be you and glow… thank you Korea, and thank you to AFL Beauty for making this happen," Abraham opined.

Fans were quick to point out that Farrah has never invented anything, and even if she did, giving the world yet another Instagram filter doesn’t exactly make her a role model to young women.

"YOU didn’t make the filter! You bought it and slapped your name on it. You LIE about everything!" one follower commented.

"But you hide behind a filter. If you really were telling women to feel good without makeup, you would show your real face without any filter," another wrote.

"Practice what you preach. You lather on a ton of makeup, lashes and filters every single day. Stop with the fakeness!!"

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska

"Nothing about your face is ‘real’ or ‘natural’, stop sending the wrong message to you girls that watch you," a third person chimed in.

"You should not be on a magazine as inspiration to any young girl I’m afraid, nothing about you is natural or real," a fourth commenter aptly pointed out.

That sounds like a pretty obvious statement, but along with "you’re not a good role model for young girls," it’s apparently the sort of thing that Farrah needs to be reminded of.