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Farrah Abraham is constantly self-contradictory in ways that only make sense in her warped mind.

She condemns "WAP" despite her own history of sex work.

She spouts QAnonsense about Bill Gates but gets the vaccine.

Now, Farrah took her 12-year-old daughter to Mar-a-Lago … and doesn’t want to hear any criticism.

Farrah shared a video of herself, Sophia, and some dogs inside what looks like a hideos, gaudy nightmare.

Though the two are wearing facemasks, massive indoor gatherings are still dangerous.

They are especially dangerous when you for some reason wear the masks to the event, then remove them?

"Leaving a legacy of giving #womanshistorymonth," Farrah’s caption begins.

"There’s so many important things as a mom, a woman to share with @sophialabraham," she writes.

Farrah makes sure that everyone knows that they were "at @themaralagoclub with @bigdogranchrescue"

"#pactact & thank you to the leaders, talents, military, security, sponsors & more," Farrah tagged her rambling caption.

She says that these are people "who truly showed care for many eye opening sectors that are breaking cycles of systemic injustices."

In typical Farrah fashion, she continues: "And saving lives and improving standards of living for all."

"Showing this to my daughter meant the world," Farrah claimed.

"Woman remember men who lift them up, treat them equal, inspire their day, show support," she wrote.

"And," Farrah continued, "impact other men to treat women with equality and respect."

Her derangement increasing, Farrah wrote that she is "very proud of #donaldtrump."

She described him as "president, author, global business man, granddad, and every other title he holds."

Farrah’s praise continued "showing no matter how high and historical the successes your path leads to caring for woman & children with equality rather then hiding behind them!"

"That is what woman remember & need," Farrah’s praise of the disgraced former president concluded.

But she wasn’t done, writing: "I’m thankful the #pactact was passed to not only help are abused and indangered dogs in the USA."

Farrah continued: "but also in China & Guatemala and many other global locations."

"Thankful @sophialabraham got to sponsor to save lives, see for herself the love and strength of a giving legacy," Farrah rambled.

"This brightened our year," she concluded, "as we all get back to enhancing our lives and others moving past Covid restrictions."

Farrah’s writings reveal the thought patterns of an unwell mind. But this is fairly coherent, coming from her.

Obviously, a lot of people have a lot of things to say about this disgraceful video.

Praising Donald Trump for literally anything is a sign, not of diminished mental capacity, but of a lack of moral clarity.

That said, as usual, Farrah’s erratic writing style and speech structure seem to cast light on her mental state.

It was also horrifying to see Farrah drag her daughter into this.

Mar-a-Lago is the last place that any 12-year-old girl should be, not merely given Trump’s history but also in light of the pandemic.

Sitting unmasked in a hideously decorated enclosed space with people statistically likely to be Covidiots … it’s dangerous.

This is likely what Farrah disabled commenting under her video.

She thrives upon controversy and well-deserved hatred, though only sometimes does she deliberately cause a stir.

Most of the time, Farrah makes a splash because she’s a terrible person who says awful things.