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Earlier this month, Briana DeJesus joined OnlyFans seemingly out of curiosity.

Most of the site’s creators offer some sort of adult content, and while Bri posts some racy material, she draws the line at getting completely nude.

Bri clearly feels that there’s an important difference between posting partial nudes and stripping down completely, and she’s been adamant about the fact that she plans to stick to the former type of content.

Briana DeJesus with a Kiss

Obviously, that’s Briana’s decision to make, and it seems she’s doing just fine with the sort of content she’s currently offering.

"Life is crazy. How I just made 10k+ in a week with only fans and no my vagina is not out or titties," DeJesus recently tweeted.

In addition to the fact that "or titties" might be the funniest possible way to conclude a tweet, Bri also deserves credit for finding a way to make a ton of cash on OnlyFans without doing anything that makes her feel uncomfortable.

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But some Teen Mom 2 fans on Twitter heard the words "Briana" and "OnlyFans" in the same sentence and jumped to the conclusion that Bri has been going the full monty.

"Yet they all talk so much s–t about Farrah," one user recently tweeted about Briana’s decision to join OnlyFans.

The implication is clear — the person is suggesting that Briana is a hypocrite for criticizing Farrah, as they both produce the same sort of content.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

"Farrah is another type of breed," Briana quickly replied.

"I don’t have any nudes on OF. Nor will I ever do porn…" she added.

Yes, Briana seems to be suggesting that Farrah has sunk to a level that Bri would never stopp to.

Bri and Farrah

DeJesus is so adamant about her no-nudes policy that it’s laid out in her OnlyFans bio:

"Come chat with me and get to know me a little better. No nudes," the bio reads.

Farrah, of course, has no such limits.

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In fact, it seems that there’s very, very little that Farrah won’t do for a buck these days.

And that’s fine, of course.

But some fans have taken issue with the blurred line between the "personal" content on Farrah’s Instagram page, and the "adult" content she posts elsewhere — especially since Farrah’s 12-year-old daughter Sophia is so often involved in the former,

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

In fact, the uproar has reached the point that a coalition of moms reached out and asked that Farrah stop destroying their daughters.

They might be overreacting just a smidge.

And you can be sure that Farrah won’t be changing her ways for anyone anytime soon.

Farrah Abraham With Expressive Hands

As for Bri, she’s remaining at least partially clothed for now — but that doesn’t mean she’s not posting some seriously racy content.

As The Sun reports, Bri’s adult wish list includes such items as a furry butt plug, and she’s been appealing to all sorts of different fetishists with her content.

"Would y’all fire me if I made a video of me sucking my own toes?" she recently tweeted to MTV.

Briana DeJesus in 2019

"Cause everyone keeps asking for that video."

We can understand why Briana might want to avoid Farrah’s fate, but at the end of the day, this is America — if a person can’t suck their own toes on camera without worrying about getting fired, then what exactly did we fight all those wars for?