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On Monday, actress Bella Thorne announced that she had split from rapper Mod Sun.

Unless you’re under 25 or a big fan of white rappers from the Midwest, you might have reacted to that sentence with a hearty "WHO?!" but trust us — they’re both pretty big deals in their respective circles.

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(Bella has 19 million Instagram followers!)

Anyway, the relationship between Bella and Mod (we can’t with that name) was brief, but seemingly serious.

At one point, it was even rumored that Bella was pregnant with Mr. Sun’s baby.

Though to be fair, that’s because this extremely-thirsty couple posted a bunch of pics that were designed to lead us to the assumption that Bella was pregnant (like the one below, in which Mod is kissing Bella’s belly).

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Earlier this week, however, Bella and Mod attended Coachella together and then promptly broke up, which is an extremely millennial way to call it quits.

(Of course, at 21, Bella might actually be a member of Generation Z or whatever, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

At first, it seemed like the split would be totally amicable.

Bella posted the photo below, along with a caption reading:

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"I will always love you. All good things must come to an end."

Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes, all good things come to an end in disastrous fashion.

TMZ is reporting today that Mod’s representatives called the cops last night after Bella showed up at the rapper’s home unannounced.

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Apparently, Mod was not at home at the time, and Bella was not seeking a confrontation.

She only wanted to pick up some belongings that she’d left at the house, which is another indication that this split happened far more abruptly than the couple would have us believe.

Still, Mod’s people were understandably surprised by the sight of Bella strolling in through an unlocked backdoor.

They dialed 911, but Bella took off before the cops got there.

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Interestingly, it seems that Bella may have already moved on to a new relationship.

E! News is reporting that she was spotted canoodling with a mystery man on Thursday night.

And Thorne’s latest social media post does seem to indicate a recent change for the better in her life:

"Happy girl was sad girl and needed a break to breathe. Running myself down and now I feel better. Thank u," she wrote.

It’s cool that she’s found happiness again so quickly — but hopefully she’ll hold off on moving her stuff over to this new guy’s house.