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Weeks ago, Stephanie Davison revealed on Instagram that she was sexually assaulted while filming 90 Day Fiance.

She has not publicly identified her attacker, but has indicated that she is pursuing legal action.

Some fans didn’t wait to hear Stephanie name the assailant, and reports have claimed that this was Ryan’s doing.

Stephanie has not publicly confirmed this, but it looks like Ryan is trying to get ahead of the story.

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Ryan Carr did not seem to have any sort of social media presence — at least, not one that was easily identifiable — when 90 Day Fiance Season 8 premiered.

Stephanie had one, with her cat, Cooper.

But the 27-year-old cougar cub in Belize did not seem to have one. That was weird, for his age and for his status as a brand new reality star.

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However, Ryan did join Instagram in recent weeks.

One of his first posts to the conspicuously new Instagram account was a series of photos of him and Stephanie.

These pics seem to show the two of them having good times with one another.

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It is unclear if Ryan is actually running this account, but he only has a few hundred followers so far.

Noticeably, Stephanie is not among his followers.

Despite these "happy times" throwbacks to their time together in Belize, it seems very clear that things between them did not end well.

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It’s likely very safe to say that there’s no love lost between Stephanie and Ryan right now.

In fact, reports say that Stephanie ends up with someone else — possibly another man from Belize.

Some fans have even speculated that Stephanie broke up with Ryan only to end up in the arms of his cousin, Harris, but that’s mostly just a fantasy. Probably.

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As we have emphasized, Stephanie herself has never publicly said anything to name her attacker.

However, one Instagram account is claiming that Ryan was the one who assaulted her.

The same account reports that Ryan had a prior incident in 2017, but that his family threatened the victim into not pressing charges.

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Sexual assault allegations are extremely serious.

We are extremely hesitant to believe any alleged third parties and their claims.

If Stephanie wants to name her attacker, we will of course listen. In the mean time … absolutely anyone could claim to have insider knowledge.

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Stephanie and Ryan’s relationship is eye-catching because of the gaps in their relative finances and ages.

She owns her status as a "cougar," and even acknowledges that at times her expensive gifts for Ryan make her feel like a sugar mama.

As for Ryan … fans were fairly convinced that he’s with Stephanie for her money and for a trip to America. Also, fans think that he sells most of her gifts.

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That Stephanie and Ryan break up is not shocking.

Even if we were to ignore the obvious suspicions about motive, it was unclear if they ever really had anything in common to begin with.

And Ryan’s apparent emotional distance coupled with over-the-phone hostility … they would have been in for a toxic marriage.

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We do not yet know if Stephanie ended up with a brand new man during her season, but hopefully time will tell.

But we do know that Ryan Carr’s cousin Harris would happily bone Stephanie again.

So if Stephanie extended an invite, we have to imagine that Harris would have come running.