Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr: Wait, Does She End Up With His Cousin on 90 Day Fiance?

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We previously compiled all of the evidence on which 90 Day Fiance Season 8 couples are still together and which have split.

Since then, we have learned more -- including a traumatic event that took place while Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr were filming.

Between that and the open hostility that Ryan showed for her over video chat, can this cougar and her cub make it down the aisle?

Apparently, someone else became involved in their story.

Stephanie and Ryan for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

As if Ryan's on-screen rudeness and the obvious relationship imbalances weren't enough. ...

Recently, Stephanie Davison shared an alarming piece of news.

While filming 90 Day Fiance in Belize, she was sexually assaulted. She has not publicly identified the perpetrator the fans.

Stephanie Davison IG - the clusterf--ks who work for 90 Day ...

She says that after this trauma, production pressured her to continue to film instead of giving her time to process.

Stephanie laments that she also endured bites from blood-sucking insects, prompting her to be hospitalized for an allergic reaction and allegedly ruining her health.

Her ire towards the show itself is very clear ... but what does that mean for her and Ryan?

Ryan Carr to Stephanie Davison - call me and like bitch about something

First of all, as we previously reported, there are none of the usual smoking guns.

For example, no one has uncovered a marriage certificate or a wedding announcement or anything like that.

Some couples keep those under wraps ... but others simply break up and never get them to begin with.

Stephanie Offers Gifts on 90 Day Fiance Season 8

However, one of the denizens of Reddit who claims to be a local in Belize dropped a bombshell recently.

“Spoiler alert: a new man enters the mix,” the social media user claims.

Apparently, Stephanie's trip to Belize is very eventful.

Ryan Carr on the Beach

“In the beginning of the week, they were filming scenes with Ryan," the Reddit user describes.

"And at the end," the post then claims, "they were filming scenes where she is dating another man."

The Redditor alleges that she was dating this man "and talking about him moving back to MI with her."

Stephanie Davison friend Maria arrives with tarot cards

It is possible that Stephanie's friend Maria may have had a hand in this.

The Reddit post concludes by claiming that all of this happened "after a psychic told her Ryan was bad news. LOL.”

How much of that is or is not true is anyone's guess.

Stephanie Davison totally boned Ryan Carr's cousin Harris

Who might this alleged mystery man be? One person comes to mind.

Stephanie confessed in her first episode that she and Ryan had broken up at one point after she discovered that he was "talking to" not one but three other women.

Though they eventually got back together, the reconciliation happened after a brokenhearted Stephanie boned Ryan's cousin. Whoops!

Stephanie Davison is Self-Aware

Stephanie may be preparing to sue Sharp Entertainment and/or TLC for what went down while she was filming.

We of course wish her a speedy recovery. Trauma, as she knows from her childhood, can take years to unpack and can leave a lifelong mark.

Despite her feelings towards the show, we do not expect for her to spoil the end of her season.

Stephanie Davison lounges beside her cat

But it's probably safe to guess that she and Ryan aren't together.

Ryan seemingly has no social media presence whatsoever ... difficult to imagine for a guy in his 20s, but possible.

Stephanie is active on Instagram, but has zero pics of Ryan up. Either she's very good at keeping things a secret, or they did not part on friendly terms.

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