Ryan Carr's Cousin Would Bone Stephanie Davison All Over Again: She's Hot!

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On Season 8, Episode 9 of 90 Day Fiance, viewers saw Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr get awkward.

They were finally reunited after ten months apart.

Stephanie's tearful confession about her tryst with Ryan's cousin was met with ... calm disinterest.

Now, we get to hear from Harris himself.

Stephanie Davison speaks to the camera about Belize

Discovery+ was able to get a hold of both Ryan Carr and his cousin, Harris.

Ryan claimed that he's unsure why he kept dating Stephanie after she boned Harris ... and didn't even bother to confront her about it.

That said, he was clearly angry with his cousin.

Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr talk in bed (morning)

When Harris tuned in, Ryan ragequit the conversation, signing off without ceremony.

This is when Harris got his chance to tell all to Shaun Robinson.

According to him, Stephanie was flirty with him from the moment that she met him.

Ryan Carr - I was hoping I would get the first night to rest

How flirty? Extremely, even physically flirty, Harris claims.

Allegedly she complimented his body, and even lifted up his shirt to examine his muscular torso.

According to him, this is when she praised him for his sculpted form, noting that he is less scrawny than Ryan.

Stephanie Davison tearfully confesses boning Harris

After Stephanie found that Ryan was messaging multiple other girls, she broke things off with him.

Alone and devastated in her hotel room, she messages Harris, effectively summoning him to her room.

There, she got to examine his torso up close again ... and invited Harris to remove the rest of his clothing.

Ryan Carr - I already knew it

The two of them then had sex that night.

According to Harris, Stephanie urged him to keep their hookup a secret.

He expressed that he would love the chance to bone Stephanie again if he got the chance.

Stephanie Davison shocked, say whaaaa

Harris boldly told Shaun that he didn't experience any regret or guilt over sleeping with Stephanie.

Why? He explained that it was partially because she is "so beautiful."

But Harris added that, from his perspective, Ryan was treating her poorly.

Ryan Carr - I already know about Harris and Stephanie

"I wouldn't have imagined I would ever do something like that, but such is life," Harris expressed.

He added: "It happened, so, what can I do?"

That was not all that he had to say, however.

Ryan Carr - you're my woman. I love you and I forgive you

Shaun Robinson is a strikingly beautiful woman, and Harris noticed just as countless 90 Day Fiance fans have.

"You just text me your number and I'm gonna keep you company," Harris teased her.

He struck out with the beloved host.

Shaun Robinson Listens Carefully

That was very informative.

It also leads us to guess that we won't be seeing much of Harris on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.

If we were going to get his full, complete story there, it's unlikely that Bares All would have spoiled it.

Stephanie Davison is Self-Aware

Stephanie has raised plenty of eyebrows for her eccentric lifestyle and what some fans characterize as her desperation.

Though some fans admire her for being a go-getter, others accuse her of being gullible, a little batty, and even of "sexual tourism."

(On that last note, Ryan is a grown man -- an important distinction when discussing a problem that usually involves barely legal (or younger) women and girls)

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