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90 Day Fiance Season 8 continues with Episode 9.

No one had more drama than Brandon and Julia.

After Julia’s very reasonable ultimatum, Brandon told his parents that it was time for him to move out … but their reactions were anything but reasonable.

Amira clearly resents Andrew partying it up in Puerto Vallarta while she is back home, traumatized.

But now Andrew wants her to try again.

Yara breaks the news to Jovi that she is pregnant.

Jovi can’t believe it. Literally, he does not believe her, and his disbelief continues for a while.

Natalie finally unpacks, but Mike has serious misgivings and is refusing to help her plan the wedding … and is afraid to explain why.

Rebecca’s friend Melanie visits her and Zied, but her confrontational questions reduce Rebecca to tears.

Stephanie makes a painful confession to Ryan after a night with no sex, and she cannot believe Ryan’s reaction.

Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown throws Tarik and Hazel’s plans for a loop.