Jenelle Evans: I Finally Got a Real Job! Well, Sort Of ...

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Jenelle Evans has been unemployed ever since she was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2019.

Of course, living your life in front of a camera crew doesn't meet most people's definition of a "real job," so in a sense, Jenelle has never actually worked.

That makes this week's news all the more surprising ...

Jenelle Is on TikTok

Yes, it seems Jenelle is finally putting in some actual labor.

Or at least she's preparing to do so.

These days, Jenelle posts two types of content to social media -- embarrassing TikTok dance videos, and responses to "the haters," whom she pretends not to care about.

Jenelle's Weed Mug

The criticism that seems to irritate her the most has to do with the fact that she rivals Amber Portwood and Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski in terms of laziness that borders on a vegetative state.

It's a little weird that laziness is her sore spot, especially since Jenelle has been accused of racism, child abuse, and allowing her spouse to murder family pets in front of their kids, but whatever.

Anyway, Jenelle doesn't care if you think she's a bigot, but she does care if you think she's unemployed (which she is).

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

And so, to create the illusion of a big money-making venture in the works, Evans has posted a TikTok video in which she teases fans with the prospect of some sort of project.

What kind of project?

Well, you'll just have to wait and see (in other words, Jenelle has no idea)!

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

“Step into my world. Big news coming soon!” Jenelle captioned her latest TikTok clip.

“Go get a job, go get a real job,” she said in a voice-over, as she offered a tour of what appeared to be studio space.

“Well, let me show you what I’m up to. I got somethin’ up my sleeve, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys," Jenelle continued.

Jenelle Evans In Gucci

“It’s gonna be so much fun. Got all the equipment we need for anything."

So what is this project that's "gonna be so much fun"? Well, that remains a mystery.

Evans didn't offer much in the way of details about her new gig, but she claims that she'll soon be out from under MTV's thumb.

Jenelle on the Weed Farm

“I’m still under contract. So, waiting for May 21st to come up! And then it’s time to party because I will be a free agent. so much fun,” she wrote in the comments to her latest clip.

“Yessss! Cannot wait. The team we are putting together will be epic," she later added.

"I would love to continue to share my story, but right now is not the time."

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows

Of course, if fans are confused about Jenelle's contract, Jenelle has no one to blame for that but herself.

She's repeatedly stated that she would be a "free agent" one year after her final episode aired, so her latest explanation is either a desperate attempt to justify two years of inactivity, or proof that she didn't understand her own contract.

Either way, it's far more embarrassing than she seems to realize.

Jenelle in Nashville

In the comments on one of her TikTok posts, Evans went on to explain that her last episode was the “Nessa Reunion BS that aired."

She's referring to the time host Nessa laid the smackdown over Evans' comments about Colin Kaepernick, and Jenelle basically whimpered and ran like the coward that she is.

As much as we hate it when racists are given a platform, part of us is hoping that Jenelle weasels her way back into the media world, just so we can watch her embarrass herself again.

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