Jenelle Evans: Is She Finally Getting Fired from Teen Mom 2?!

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Can you imagine working with Jenelle Evans?

Seriously, just take a moment to sit back and really let yourself think about what it would be like to go to work and have to deal with this girl.

It would be absolute madness, right?

And that's what MTV has been putting up with for years.

It's honestly kind of shocking that she hasn't been fired yet, considering everything she's done and how she behaves and just who she is as a person.

But could the firing still be coming? According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, that cataclysmic day may soon be nigh.

1. What a Mystery

What a Mystery
For real though, why does Jenelle still have a job?

2. Well ...

Well ...
We all know why -- because she brings that trashy reality show drama like no one else.

3. Real Talk

Real Talk
We'd be lying if we said that Jenelle's craziness isn't a huge part of why Teen Mom 2 has been so popular over the years.

4. On the Other Hand ...

On the Other Hand ...
But at what cost?

5. Criminelle

What other job would be cool with employees showing up to work high and doing heroin with their sketchy boyfriends while on the clock?

6. Garbagenelle

What other job would allow employees to scream and cry while working, and even refuse to work at all while still getting paid?

7. The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out
And thanks to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, we have even more details about why Jenelle is the worst employee of all time.

8. Over It

Over It
And what's more, we have the news that MTV is simply not going to take it anymore.

9. Ugh

A few days ago, Jenelle made a dumb post on her Instagram story in which she wrote “Let’s continue boring ass lunches and hardly speaking on camera! I love it. Bet everyone else will love this season too. #BORING #TeenMom2 #Distant #NotMe"

10. Poor Thing

Poor Thing
"I’m just a prop in the background," she added.

11. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
She did that because, as a source told The Ashley, “MTV is taking no crap from Jenelle this season. They have finally laid down the law and are enforcing all of the terms of Jenelle’s contract."

12. Whoa


13. Sorry, Girl

Sorry, Girl
"They basically told her they don’t care what she’s filming, but she needs to film," the source continued.

14. ... Wow

... Wow
It's notable because, believe it or not, "This has never happened before. They’ve always worked around her tantrums, but not anymore.”

15. YES

“For years, Jenelle wasted everyone’s time, throwing tantrums, refusing to film during scheduled film dates, and going over her filming day budget every season," the insider explained.

16. So Good

So Good
"This season, MTV is not accepting any excuses from Jenelle and making her film, no matter what. And Jenelle’s pissed."

17. Story Time!

Story Time!
As an example of how awful she can be, “Once, Jenelle got angry, refused to film and threw and broke her phone. She wouldn’t film until [MTV] went out and bought her a new phone. They did buy her the phone, too, anything to get her to film."

18. But No More

But No More
"So this is the sort of treatment she’s used to… up until this point at least.”

19. This AGAIN?!

This AGAIN?!
Jenelle is also pissed that MTV never gave in to her demands for them to un-fire David Eason.

20. Please Stop

Please Stop
As the chatty source said, “Jenelle is still mad that David isn’t allowed to film or be around while Jenelle is filming. She is actually shocked that, for once, she did not get her way.”

21. Let's Cry Rivers

Let's Cry Rivers
“She’s also mad that she only has a few people she can film with now, since David is no longer allowed on set. She has little to no parts of her life that David isn’t involved in so it’s very hard for everyone to figure out what to film,”

22. Oops!

That's just what happens when you have creepily codependent relationships, Jenelle!

23. Babs to the Rescue

Babs to the Rescue
“She basically has one or two random ‘friends’ and Barbara to film scenes with now," as pitiful as that sounds.

24. Is It Working?!

Is It Working?!
On the bright side, Jenelle and Barbara are apparently getting along really, really well these days, and she's "been on her best behavior," so that's something.

25. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
But of course she didn't decide to become a reasonable person all by herself.

26. Sounds About Right

Sounds About Right
At one point during filming this season, she reportedly "tried to get out of filming by texting the crew at the last minute, saying she wasn’t going to film that day, just like she used to."

27. So What Happened?

So What Happened?
“The producers have all been told to tell Jenelle that if she doesn’t want to film on a scheduled day they have to get the lawyers involved.”

28. HA!

Amazingly, “Her crew told her that they would have to get legal involved and Jenelle showed up 10 minutes later to film."

29. Such a Rebel

Such a Rebel
“She’s not happy about it, so ranting about how ‘boring’ the season will be is kind of her way of rebelling. Because she can’t rebel like she used to because she knows MTV is not playing anymore.”

30. Get Her, MTV!

Get Her, MTV!
Basically, MTV is doing everything they can to force her to stick to her contract -- no more coddling, no more special treatment, just working.

31. It's Getting Good!

It's Getting Good!
And this new attitude doesn't just apply to Jenelle, it seems.

32. Getting the Girls in Line

Getting the Girls in Line
“Everyone is done taking crap from the girls," another Teen Mom source said. "It’s gone on too long and gotten way out of control."

33. DONE

“The producers have made it clear to everyone that if you step out of line too often, you’re done. It has been such a relief to the crew.”

34. Congrats, Crew!

Congrats, Crew!
It really must be a relief to the crew, as well as to the network itself, because when the girls refuse to film -- and let's be honest, that's becoming a more common occurrence -- it's tough.

35. No More!

No More!
The crew members waiting around to film are still on the clock, and if they have to fly out to wherever to get more footage, the money really adds up.

36. A Relief, Indeed

A Relief, Indeed
And that's not even taking into consideration how tough it must have been to try to soothe a tantrum-throwing 25-year-old who git famous for being a pregnant teenager.

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