Farrah Abraham's Daughter Says Her Dog is Gay, Chows Down on Farrah's Lingerie

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You know what they always say about apples and trees, right? How the former doesn't fall far from the latter?

In the case of Farrah Abraham and her only child, this old saying sadly appears to be entirely accurate.

The disgraced former Teen Mom star's daughter has evidently not fallen very far from her mother.

Allow us to explain this confusing, overly-wordy metaphor ...

Farrah Abraham Daughter and Dog

Abraham, of course, was fired by MTV years ago due to her side hustle of appearing in adult videos on the Internet. 

(This included an actual, hard a-- adult film she tried to pass off as a leaked sex tape, and later some cam girl stuff.)

She has spent the time since saying some wackadoo things, such as how she's a strong advocate for racial justice ... 

... and yet also loves Donald Trump.

Farrah Abraham Sprays Herself

She also says she's not a porn star, cam girl, sex worker or an escort, though she has certainly dabbled in all of those things.

Anyway, Farrah is a walking contradiction in many ways, although she is consistent and prolific in online word salad rants.

Based on footage just released by Farrah's 12-year old daughter, Sophia, it certainly seems as though Abraham's non-sensical ramblings are rubbing off on the little girl.

It's very sad.

sophia, dog

In a video shared by fan account Teen Mom Chatter, Sophia was heard talking to the camera this week and saying this about her cute canine:

"My dog Billionaire, he is gay and I'm proud of him for being gay."

We're glad that Sophia has an open mind and that she's on the side of LGBQT equality (rather than hating the dog for it) ... but come again?

Her dog is gay?

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska

Continued Sophia in this same post:

"One of his top habits is eating my mom's lingerie."

"So my favorite thing about him is he loves going into shoes and he loves eating the shoes but he can go into girls' shoes too."

"And on my Cameo today, one of their dogs was gay and I thought of Billionaire because he's my gay poodle and I love him."

Farrah & Sophia in 2020

Fans didn't know what to make of that, and can you blame them? There were a lot of unanswered questions, for sure.

As you can see farther above in this article, Sophia looked almost unrecognizable in these videos.

She looked like a much younger version of her plastic-surgery mother, with Farrah having already said she's grooming Sophia to look just like her.

Farrah and Sophia Skincare Routine

We're also left to wonder if Abraham is consciously grooming her child to act like her, too - or whether it's just happening in its natural course.

Sophia's unusual video comes just days after Farrah was trashed online for calling her daughter rude in her own bizarre Instagram message.

The former Teen Mom OG star ranted for nearly 13 minutes this month about raising a child in current society, telling followers:

"I love my daughter and she's turning 12."

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries

"So the point is I can repeat myself probably like 10 million times and then she still won't even know that I repeated 10 million times."

The former face and body of CamSoda, who sources say dabbles in businessmen periodically over the past decade, continues:

"Oh and then she'll ask me again. What should she say?"

Farrah Abraham in Paris

Continues Farrah, losing a lot of her audience in the process:

"Can you repeat it again? Oh and then be rude to me at the same time for wasting my time."

"It's just a really entertaining circle that I just don't entertain."

We can't entertain it either, that's for sure.

Farrah Abraham's New Nose

"And then after I spend probably til like 1 AM in the morning doing stuff for my child, you know then she'll forget like toilet paper in our bathroom."

And finally, "she'll forget towels that are cleaned for her. So then I gotta go walk them upstairs. So yes it's been super entertaining."

Parenthood can be challenging, Farrah, it's true. We feel ya.

Farrah Abraham Mask

It's been easy, of course, to mock Abraham for years now. She's brought a lot of it on herself with her actions and the words she uses to defend herself against critics - fairly or otherwise.

But she opened up a few days ago about her history of Depression and of having suicidal thoughts and we do hope she's seeking professional help.

“It’s beautiful to take care of your mental health,” she added.

Farrah Abraham Body

"It’s beautiful to understand that emotions are healthy.”

Wow, did anyone just catch that?

Finally, something Farrah Abraham said makes sense.

We could not agree more.

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