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Let’s be honest:

It’s easy to make fun of Farrah Abraham.

We mean, this is someone who quit Twitter to support Donald Trump and who appears to get a new face every other month.

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries
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But the former Teen Mom cast member and professional celebrity took to her Instagram Stories this week and opened up like never before.

She explained to followers that she’ll forever grieve the loss of Derek Underwood, the father of her daughter Sophia.

Underwood died over a decade ago in a car crash.

Farrah Abraham is Plastic
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This past December marked 12 years since Abraham, then a teenager who became known to America on 16 & Pregnant, bid a far-too-early farewell to the love of her life.

He never got to meet his own daughter.

In her revealing message, Farrah told fans she wanted to share her story of mourning because she knows “there’s a lot of sadness going on” right now with a lot of people — and she wanted to give whatever advice she could.

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Sadly, this is a topic she knows well.

“I just wanted to say, over the years, I’ve shared so much of my life when I have been deeply depressed, suicidal, probably mentally ill because of it,” the mother of one began.

“And there’s so much that I’ve learned about myself through my teens to my 20s."

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"I just share every year online, like this past year, it’s been 12 years, going on 13, how loss feels," she lamented.

"It’s not pretty, it’s not like you’re gonna get over it."

"It’s none of those things."

No. It’s not.

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She continued as follows:

“I think, as there’s millions of people who go through suicidal thoughts, depression, it’s really hard. It’s something that you sometimes need support for.”

What’s been helpful for her, Abraham admitted, has been going to therapy and “all these doctors” that she has around her to help guide her.

The ex-reality star wants everyone to know they aren’t alone, and that professionals in the field of mental health exist for a reason.

Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood
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“It’s beautiful to take care of your mental health,” she added.

“It’s beautiful to understand that emotions are healthy.”

Amen, Farrah. Amen to that. Preach on.

We never thought we’d say those words.

But here we are.

Farrah Abraham Rap Photo

Abraham went on to note that even feeling heartbreak, even feeling miserable, can be a positive because it’s good to be “vulnerable” and to be open to whatever your body and mind are feeling.

Just embrace it, you know? 

Don’t live in denial.

Abraham also says she wants Sophia to speak to a therapist in order to “focus on her health and her well-being and her development.”

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Back on Decemebr 24, Abraham shared a video on the anniversary of her late boyfriend Derek’s passing, writing as a caption:

"Sharing these words and clip from over the last 12 years, as others may feel depressed, hurt, overwhelmed this holiday."

"I hope you know you are strong."

Farrah Abraham with In Touch
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"It’s healthy to feel many emotions," she went on.

"Even over many years, decades even with trauma therapy, anti-depressants it’s normal to be sad especially around holidays, coldness, darkness possibly when the tragic event happened, wishing the loved one was there and new challenges unforeseen."

The 29-year-old concluded, upliftingly:

"Peace & Positivity your way."

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We’ve got nothing else to really add here.

No mocking of Farrah Abraham for a change.

Just a nod of respect to her for speaking out on this crucial topic and a hope that she continues to focus on her mental health.

Keep being a role model in this area, Farrah.