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Farrah Abraham knows that fans hate it when she smothers Sophia in a ton of makeup.

Now, she’s straight-up baiting her haters, recoloring her 11-year-old’s hair while she sits in a salon wearing lacy shorts.

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Most of us have foregone normal hair appointments for most of 2020 except when it’s urgent or safety is assured.

We can only hope that Farrah and Sophia were being safe when this photo was taken.

Sophia is wearing a mask, at least, which puts her several steps ahead of an alarming number of people during this pandemic.

But Sophia is also wearing black lacy shorts.

Look, she’s 11, and we understand that middle school is a time for children to experiment with different fashion styles, even those designed for teens and young adults.

But Sophia isn’t really in middle school. Farrah "homeschools" her while dragging her all over the world. Does Sophia really have any peers to impress?

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Speaking of worries that Sophia is being forced to grow up too quickly by her deranged mother, there’s also the reason for the visit.

Her hair looks like she’s an adult woman.

Is it normal for kids to experiment with different hairstyles? Sure. But this isn’t an experiment; she’s full on twinning with her mom, a fate that we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Farrah and Sophia Skincare Routine

The Instagram Story has made the rounds on the internet, and Teen Mom fans are frankly horrified.

"All I see is a child that has never had a childhood," one social media denizon comments.

"…It’s so inappropriate, I really don’t think she wants to be wearing black Lacey dresses," another opines. "She was never allowed to just be a kid."

Photo via Instagram

"She is too young for all this. She is 11 years old, let her be a kid," writes another.

That same commenter continues: "She has the whole of her 20s to be an adult and deal with all the s–t that comes with it, let her enjoy her childhood ffs."

"This is so creepy," chimes in another.

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Again, we know that Sophia is a tween. Experimenting with makeup and hair and outfits is normal.

It is also normal for adults to be "shocked" by 11 and 12 year olds dressing like the mature adults that they feel like they are becoming and not like the babies that we see them as.

But … fans have real concerns that Farrah’s motives in dressing up Sophia are more than just baiting her haters.

Farrah and Sophia in Venice

See, when Farrah makes headlines for doing "weird stuff" — to put it politely — to and with Sophia, she gets attention.

And it’s not like attention doesn’t come with other perks, either.

Farrah can and has monetized Sophia on social media.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway

Just recently, Farrah demanded that anyone who wants Sophia to follow them on social media has to cough up an unbelievable $25,000.

That’s on any social media platform, folks. It makes us imagine a scenario where someone goes "I was going to buy a brand new car, but instead I’ll get a Twitter follow from an 11-year-old whose mom runs her account."

Just because you’d have to be a fool to go for it doesn’t mean that Farrah’s other ventures will fizzle out. It’s sad to see a tweet put on display as bait for mommy’s haters just so that she can make a headline.