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Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Farrah Abraham’s ability to capture the internet’s attention.

Of course, most people who post on social media prefer positive feedback, and Farrah doesn’t seem to care what kind she gets, so it’s a little easier for her.

Farrah After Botox

It’s been a wild month for Farrah, beginning with accusations that she’s been photoshopping pictures of her daughter, which is weird and gross for a number of obvious reasons.

After that, Farrah started fiddling with her own appearance, which seems to be a compulsion of hers these days.

Abraham’s latest round of plastic surgery has brought about some of her biggest changes yet, and a pair of recent videos have attracted two variations on the same comment:

Photo via Instagram

1. What the hell did you do to your face?

2. Why are you such a tone deaf weirdo?

It started with an Instagram Live post, in which Farrah bizarrely hoisted stacks of fake money as part of her "workout."

“These are a lot of ten thousands. This is like the perfect COVID workout,” she said in the clip, which was promptly deleted.

“I haven’t held real money in a while but I don’t remember bills being the size of my face," one commented.

Speaking of Farrah’s face, her next video offered an even better look at her surgically-altered features.

Photo via Instagram

"Okay! Voting this year, there was a lot of anxiety brought up from media and other people about voting. Not needed," Farrah said in the video she shot in her car.

"There was no lines when I found my location. I got a finger glove thing and a stick … It’s all good; I was voting safe," she continued.

"And I got to research all of these people. I do think we need more diversity and more choices. More option.”

Photo via Instagram

So Farrah’s message about the importance of voting (at least we think that’s what she was trying to say), is a good one.

Unfortunately, her Instagram followers couldn’t stop fixating on her face.

"Do NOT get anymore work done on your face!!!!" one commenter wrote.

Farrah Abraham Wears a Bikini In 2020
Photo via Instagram

"Genuinely thought she was that human Ken doll guy," another added.

"No hate but why would do that to ur face…" a third chimed in.

Even Farrah’s fans couldn’t sit this one out:

"I’ve always liked you never hated on you cause it’s pointless like some of these ppl. BUT WTF DID YOU DO TO YOUR FACE HOMEGIRL!" one wrote.

Farrah For America
Photo via Instagram

Others pointed out that Farrah is an outspoken Trump supporter, and she likely cast her vote for He Whose Face Has Been Dusted With Cheeto.

"Go Trump! I’m so over the waste of time Democrat’s! Focus on changing the world rather then making up things … waste of space," she tweeted in July.

Well, at least she picked a candidate who shares her views on the importance of doing bizarre things to one’s own face.