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She may be considered a villain on Selling Sunset, but Christine Quinn will soon be viewed as a heroine and a role model in the eyes of at least one tiny human being.

She’ll be seen as the most important person in this individual’s life.


Christine Quinn on a Jet

Because Christine Quinn is pregnant with her first child!

TMZ broke the exciting piece of news, reporting that Quinn is well past her past her first trimester, meaning she’s at minimum three months along and, therefore, is likely due some time late this summer.

The father, of course, is Christine’s tech millionaire husband, Christian Richard.

The couple got married in 2019 and the ceremony was featured on the Selling Sunset Season 3 finale.

Astute observers may have noticed of late that the Netflix star has been posing chest up in most snapshot… or she has been hiding her midsection in creative ways.

It seems as if Quinn wanted to wait until she was advanced enough in her pregnancy to announce her expecting state to the world.

As you likely know, the odds of a woman suffering from a miscarriage drops significantly once she is 12 weeks along.

In June, Quinn told Entertainment Tonight that she wanted to have children at some point.

She also told Metro in August that she "absolutely loves kids" and wants a pair of little ones, at minimum.

"I want two, I would love two boys. I can’t even imagine, like, trying to tame a little Christine," she said at the time.

"I always wanted two little boys just because I’m actually like quite a tomboy myself.

"I grew up playing sports, I love cars and I fly airplanes. I love all the boys stuff, I always have.

"I was really athletic growing up, I ride horses."

The pregnancy bombshell, meanwhile, comes just months we learned that Netflix has approved seasons 4 and 5 of Selling Sunset, a wildly popular, real estate-themed reality show on Netflix.

Filming on new episodes will begin this spring.

Quinn is expected to play a major role on these installments.

But she’s also made her desire to branch out clear.

"There’s gonna be a point where I’m going to be doing my own company, and I’m not gonna be in real estate," Quinn has said, freely admittiing that she wants to be a Real Houswife someday.

Are you listening, Bravo?

"I’ve been watching it for years, and it’s definitely crossed my mind," Quinn added of the beloved, wide-ranging franchise,

"And I think it would be really fun to be a Housewife, down the line. Eventually. I’m a little too young right now."

Christine Quinn on Instagram

No words of congratulations yet from any other Selling Sunset cast members on Quinn’s pregnancy.

And, let’s be honest:

We doubt she’ll be hearing from Heather Rae Young any time soon.

We’ll let Tarek El Moussa explain why.