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WARNING: This post contains quotes on politics from Farrah Abraham which may result in your brain melting and pouring out of your ears just so that it doesn’t have to digest any of the nonsense.

Continue at your own risk.

Farrah Abraham With Expressive Hands
Photo via YouTube

Hey, so you know how Farrah Abraham likes to talk about important issues from time to time?

She strings together a bunch of words that barely make sense together, and if you can manage to work out what she’s trying to say,  it’s pretty much always a bad take.

She’s said some real dumb stuff before — like really, just some great big doozies — but yesterday, she took to Instagram to discuss that little insurrection that took place at the Capitol on Wednesday.

You already know this is going to be awful, right?

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple
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Well, brace yourselves, because you’re absolutely right.

Over on Instagram, she shared a screenshot of the definition of "democracy," and along with that definition, she wrote "Yet the state abused the power to over rife democracy in which did not do their up most to protect democracy along the way — the people vote."

"Voter I.D.," she continued, "can not vote twice, Electoral college removed as they can vote like us all as they did."

She added that "If you don’t live in USA don’t respond," which is funny, because how could anyone from any country respond to this?

Farrah For America
Photo via Instagram

Usually we’re pretty good at deciphering what she’s trying to say, but this …

This is a tough one.

The gist of it obviously is that same nonsense about the 2020 presidential election being rigged — remember, she’s always been a big Trump fan.

But man, could she benefit from some English lessons, just to learn how to form a basic sentence.

Farrah After Botox

In another Instagram post, she shared the definition of "insurrection," along with a Nancy Pelosi sticker that read "Just win, baby."

"This wasn’t once," she wrote, "this was every Week in 2020!!!! Blame yourselves not 1 person!"

"Acts of hate continue by @speakerpelosi," she concluded.

We had a violent uprising against an authority or government every week in 2020?

Photo via Instagram

She may be referring to the Black Lives Matter protests from last summer — a lot of Trump supporters are bringing those protests up to defend what happened at the Capitol.

It’s sort of the new "But her emails!"

Then again, she may not be talking about the BLM protests at all. She may not even have an idea what she’s talking about herself.

Farrah continued her ranting on Twitter, where she wrote "Twitter and all at #twitterhq I hope you recognize as a privately held company showing your deleting a world leaders account, silencing authentic and real works in history shows the world how insignificant Twitter is as you choose to be one sided, open to eliminating all voices."

Farrah Ex on the Beach
Photo via MTV

You know, because Twitter permanently banned Trump yesterday and a lot of people are real mad about it.

She then took a screenshot of that tweet and shared it in another tweet that read "#ByeTwitter if a social platform abuses its power, silences voices, and does this to a world leader — I’m not supporting or wasting further time on the corrupt privately held platform."

"Wrong is wrong," she insisted, "no spit, hate, or lies makes this action ok."

So there you have it.

Farrah Abraham for WEtv
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"The state" did not do "their up most" to "protect democracy," and you can "blame yourselves not 2 person" for what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Oh, and quit Twitter because it is "insignificant" and "open to eliminating all voices."

Aren’t we so lucky to have someone like Farrah Abraham teaching us all of this?