David Eason: I'll Use the N-Word as Much As I Want To!

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David Eason, Covid-19, acts of violence perpetrated by white supremacists emboldened by the presidency of Donald Trump.

What do all of these things have in common?

Well, they can all make you sick, and we were hoping to leave all three of them behind in 2020!

David Eason With a Gun

But sadly, like the cockroaches they are, both David and the MAGA Nazis have outlasted our apocalypse year and skittered their way into 2021.

And in news that will surprise absolutely no one, Eason is still awful, and getting worse by the day.

Considering Eason has been unemployed for over two years now, you would think he'd be on his best behavior on social media.

David Eason Gets Serious

Instead, he seems hell-bent on remaining unemployable by spewing his hateful nonsense for anyone who will listen.

Earlier this week, David decided to offer his unsolicited opinion on the topic of the N-word -- and folks, it was every bit as ignorant as you might expect,

"What's the problem? They call themselves n***a all day every day," Eason's Facebook rant began.

Dave Eason

"Even lifting up the word like it's elegant in their songs. Not that I think it's right but life is a two way street."

From there, he executed a move that's beloved by morons everywhere:

He attempted to turn the tables and portray himself, a white guy who lives comfortably in a rural area despite no visible means of support -- as society's greatest victim.

David Eason Mugshot

"Why do black people get away with calling white people crackers, snow flakes, Nazis, supremacists, etc.," Eason said, as though "supremacist" is a racial slur and not an accurate description of a certain type of white person.

"Now that I think about it I've been called n---a and n----r at least a couple thousand times in my life," he continued.

"Is that racism? My friends didn't care if I said it back to them when I was a kid."

David Is Dumb

Now, we didn't really learn anything here, because we already knew that David Eason is a racist.

But this rant serves to remind us a few important things:

1. White supremacy in America will not end when Donald Trump leaves office.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

2. Racists were always out there, but they've emboldened to a troubling degree in recent years.

3. Racial slurs aren't the only tip-off that you're dealing with a bigot. Keep an eye out for people who talk about races in competitive "us vs. them" terms.

Thankfully, the reaction to David's post was mostly negative, and his followers were quick to call him out on his latest unintentional confession of idiocy.

David Eason Stupid

"He's so obsessed with ignorance. It's weird," one commenter wrote.

"He will go to hell, that much we don't have to worry about," another added.

"He wants to stay relevant so bad. Like disappear for real," a third chimed in,

And what did Jenelle Evans have to say about all of this?

Well, as usual when it comes to matters of race, Jenelle refuses to say anything, which is a solid indicator that she fully agrees with David.

That's another tip-off: when someone is in a position to speak out, but they choose not to?

Well, oftentimes, that silence speaks volumes.

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