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Here’s the thing about Josh dduggarr that his wife wants you to know:

Yes, he molested his sisters back when he was a teenager.

And, yes, he cheated on her when random women he met online.

But… he’s really good at building things around the house!

anna/josh d

Earlier this week, Anna Duggar posted a very interesting photo on Instagram.

As you can see below, it features 14-month-old Maryella sitting by herself on a stool and watching television.

Wrote the mothre of six as a caption:

“Homeschool [check emoji]. Playtime outside [check emoji]. Watch some @JoannaGaines on @discoveryplus [check emoji]."

On its own, in a vacuum, the snapshot is cute and endearing.

But it raises a number of questions.

First, as one follower asked: What’s going on with this seemingly unusual set-up?

“Curious if your TV goes inside the fireplace? If so where is this from!” one person wrote in the comments section, to which Anna replied:

“TV is on a lift that slides up and down.”

Anna and Josh Selfie

Secondly, why is there no other furniture anywhere in sight?

From what we can see in that photo above, it really does appear as if Anna and her immediately family live in a warehouse, doesn’t it?

There’s been an ongoing rumor that they’re broke and living in some house — that isn’t really made to be an actual residence — on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s property.

And, well, the odd arrangement of that television and stoll in this picture of Maryella doesn’t do much to dispute the speculation.

Duggars Celebrate Christmas

Third, how did that TV even get up there? Who’s responsible for the handiwork?

“We wanted to keep the TV out of the way, so Josh converted an old fireplace into a TV stand!” Anna wrote, clearly proud of the man who committed both sexual assault and adultery in the past.

Anna has been speaking more positively than almost ever before about Josh of late.

She has even claimed on social mediia that she’s happily married, which seems impossible to believe.

Josh and Anna Anniversary Photo

Finally, wait a minute… are the Duggars even allowed to watch television?!?

Going back a number of years,  Jim Bob and Michelle have been vocal about why they don’t keep a TV in their house.

“Communications dropped off, we weren’t talking as much and we couldn’t believe the content on TV we didn’t think was appropriate. This is detrimental to our marriage,” Jim Bob told the Huffington Post in 2011, adding that he spoke to God about the dilemma:

“We prayed about it and felt we had to pull it out of our house, which we did. And I would say that is one of the best things we have done for our family.”

Anna and Mackynzie Duggar

Does this mean that television is full-on banned from the households of all Duggars?

Is this another polarizing Duggar family rule?

We don’t believe so.

Anna, Josh and Duggars

Anna previously treated fans to a quick tour of her home to unveil her Christmas decorations after she, her husband and their six kids seemingly moved into the aforementioned warehouse owned by the Duggars.

“Not only have we been decorating for Christmas, but Joshua also hung these little baskets for getting our piano section more organized and then, look at this letterboard wall art thing. I love it!” Anna gushed on Instagram Stories.

“And now Joshua is getting coffee because he’s had a long day. Thank you, sweetheart! So excited.

"This really is the best time of year."