Azan Tefou on Nicole Nafziger Split: I'm a Different Person Now!

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This week, fans noticed a major change in Nicole Nafziger's online presence.

Based upon her bio, Nicole is no longer engaged to Azan.

While 90 Day Fiance fans are eager to know the whole story behind this, others are looking to Azan's account for clues.

And it looks like he is looking for a fresh start.

Azan Tefou Smiles on Instagram

Azan Tefou, whose real name is Hassan M'Raouni, took to his Instagram Stories to share a cryptic message.

"Delete the old version of me in your head," he wrote.

His simple text post concluded: "It expired."

Azan Tefou IG - delete the old version of me

Now, a lot of the time, Instagram Stories like this are the same trite self-help BS that passes around for years.

But it may be that Azan is not merely recycling a meaningless motivational motto like so many others.

The strange spacing, the gramatically incorrect comma, and the format may be a clue that Azan wrote this himself.

Nicole Nafziger in a Moroccan Dress with Azan Tefou

Well ... actually, some fans question how much of Azan's Instagram account he actually controls.

See, people noticed that his account info says that it is based in the US.

That could just mean that it was created in the US, but fans wonder if Nicole at least created it -- while others speculate that she may have been secretly running it as Azan for years.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger Goof Around

"Life is going to get hard sometimes, so get the f--k up and get your s--t together," Azan wrote just an hour beforehand.

"You're either an ocean or a puddle. Don't be a puddle," his odd text post continued.

"People walk through puddles like they're nothing," Azan added. "Oceans f--king destroy cities."

Azan Tefou Shirtless

While we're not sure that destroying cities is exactly the self-help imagery that we would recommend, it's hard to say what that means.

Is Azan suggesting that he decided to assert himself and break up with Nicole after years of being engaged?

Or ... are we reading way too much into some nonsensical posts by a guy whose entire Instagram is just thirst traps and fitness inspo.

Azan Tefou Flaunts His Arms

Nicole has had "engaged to H" on her Instagram bio for some time, though of course she has always framed her role as a mother to May first and foremost.

Her current bio, however, does not mention "H" -- that is, Hassan M'Raouni -- or any engagement whatsoever.

Instead, it affirms that being a mom to 6-year-old May is central to her identity, and also announces her exciting new career.

Nicole Nafziger IG new profile without Azan

Nicole has revealed that she is launching her career as a full-time Twitch streamer.

This profession can be powerfully lucrative, and she already has a huge starting advantage because she is already famous.

Whether this is a viable career in the long run may depend upon how much overlap there is between 90 Day Fiance and video games, and upon how entertaining Nicole is as a streamer.

Nicole Nafziger Twitch Profile 6 January 2020

Which brings us to our big question about Nicole removing her engagement from her Instagram bio in the first place.

We know -- even personally have spoken to -- Twitch streamers who have had to underplay and even hide real-life relationships because some of their fans will riot if they post about a significant other.

Because yes, some Twitch streamers find that a minority of fans begin to imagine relationships with them after hours and hours of watching them and even exchanging messages in chat.

Nicole and Azan Tefou

For now, fans are still hoping for official comments from Nicole on whether her engagement to Azan is officially over.

It looks that way, but looks can be deceiving, and as we have explained, Nicole may have genuine motive to not highlight her engagement.

After all, she's not on 90 Day Fiance anymore. Brands have to adjust when stars move into exciting new careers. We wish her the best of luck!

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