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Anna Duggar posted what she believed to be a cute photo on her Instagram page late last week.

Instead of basking in the allegedly precious nature of this snapshot, however, followers instead are studying it closely and asking the question down below…

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… wait, are you and your family really living inside of a warehouse?!?

This question has been posed a number of times of late by social media users.

It started back in September when photos emerged that appeared to depict Josh, Anna and their six kids residing in a gross warehouse on Jim Bob Duggar’s property.

Did it seem hard to believe at the time? Yes.

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But any harder to believe than Josh admitting to molesting his own sisters… and then admitting to cheating on his wife multiple times… and then that same wife sticking by her husband side?

Not just sticking by his side.

But agreeing to have more kids with him.

Just gross and troubling all around.

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Anyway, though. Back to Anna’s new photo and what we think it confirms.

On Friday, the 32-year old shared a photo of her five-year old daughter, Meredith, hiding under a piece of rustic furniture during a classic game of hide-and-seek.

“Nothing to see here… just a quick game of hide-and-seek! What are you up to?” she wrote as a caption.

Here is the image that has created such an uproar:

Photo via Instagram

Fans on Reddit have been closely examining the picture and have since slammed the “miserable” and “horrible” home in which Anna is raising her many children.

“She’s hiding from the horrible decor and life living in a warehouse," wrote one observer, while another added:

"My storage room and garage look more like a home than this miserable warehouse."

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Back on a Counting On Season 9 episode, the Duggar kids set up a pop-up bridal shop for John David’s then-fiancee, Abbie, in a “guest home” on the family property in Arkansas.

The outside and inside of the warehouse featured on this installment what Anna has posted here, and at other tiimes, on Instagram.

A few months ago, Anna tried to claim her loved ones were happy despite their surroudings — and, to be honest, she may have been brainwashed strongly enough by the Duggars to believe this.

We somehow doubt it, however.

Photo via Instagram

For those who doubt that the Duggars are living in this warehouse, please consider the following:

Anna registered the businesses Glasglow Drive LLC and Lexington Contractors LLC in July 2020 — using the address of Jim Bob and Michelle’s family compound with a suite number. 

Josh and Anna also sold the farmhouse home they resided in since 2015 in the summer of 2019 for $285,000.

Josh also has no job and recently lost a court case that could cost him a bundle.

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So, yeah.

We suppose we ought to be grateful that these six kids have any kind of roof over their head at all.

With Josh Duggar as their dad, things really could be even worse.

We’ll continue to keep the kids in our thoughts and prayers, while wishing really bad things upon their disgusting father.