Duggar Family Gathers for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Refuses to Wear Masks

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When is an ugly Christmas sweater party just flat-out ugly?

When it involves dozens of guests... and not a single mask.

About a week before Jesus Christ's latest birthday, pretty much everyone in the Duggar family got together for a holiday gathering.

There were a whole lot of children and adults in attendance -- and, like we said about, nary a face covering.

Did we also mention the event was inside? And that CDC guidelines have urged this many people NOT to gather indoors, especially when -- yes, we're gonna say it again -- no masks are being word?

For shame, Duggars.

Scroll down to see many of the party photos and to see what some critics are saying about them...

1. So Many Duggars, So Few Masks

So Many Duggars, So Few Masks
"We had an absolutely wonderful time at our third annual Duggar Family Ugly Sweater Party!! Everyone went ALL OUT on their outfits, but John was the ultimate winner of the ugliest sweater!!" the family wrote on Facebook.

2. Here is the Winner!

Here is the Winner!
Did John earn it? Keep toggling through photos and you can decide.

3. It Was All So Funny!

It Was All So Funny!
The Facebook message concluded: "We also did a white elephant gift exchange and had a baking competition. I think my sides still hurt from all the laughter and good food!! We even got some snow this weekend so it is really feeling like Christmas around here! I love it!"

4. Really, Duggars?!?

Really, Duggars?!?
For understandable reasons, fans blasted the family for being so incredibly irresponsible during an ongoing pandemic.

5. For example...

For example...
“Wow!!! Great example about what not to do!!” one person wrote, summing things up perfectly.

6. Added Another Hater:

Added Another Hater:
"And our family is spending Christmas alone." This has been a common refrain, as those taking the pandemic seriously are aghast at the selfish nature of others.

7. Angry and Jealous

Angry and Jealous
One Canadian also mentioned that they weren’t even permitted to gather, saying: “I’m jealous. Up in Canada we can’t gather at all. Not even with family.”

8. These Kids are Very Cute...

These Kids are Very Cute...
... let's hope their ignorant parents didn't give then Covid, you know?

9. FaceTimed In

FaceTimed In
This is how most people are spending the holidays, using their phones and other pieces of technology to spend time together. It's just a sacrifice we need to make in 2020.

10. Not Everyone Was a Troll

Not Everyone Was a Troll
Even with all the detractors, many fans showed support for the Duggars, wishing them a Merry Christmas and telling them to ignore anyone questioning their lack of social distancing. To wit: “Great way to enjoy the season with your family! Wish more people would do so without fear,” one commentor wrote.

11. Just How Big Was This Party?

Just How Big Was This Party?
They needed a microphone!

12. Everyone Socially-Distanced at Least, Right?

Everyone Socially-Distanced at Least, Right?

13. Happy Holidays to Us!

Happy Holidays to Us!
And very unhappy pandemic to everyone else.

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