The Bachelorette Leaves Suitor in Tears: "I F--king Blew It."

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It all became too much for Tayshia Adams on The Bachelorette this week.

But not before Chris Harrison explained to the star's remaining four suitors -- -- Ben, Brendan, Ivan and Zac -- that you can't really go home again.

Not during a pandemic. 

adams and ivan

"We have moved all of the hometowns here on the property at the La Quinta Resort," Harrison told the quartet of men.

"And the way we're going to do this is, I want you to put together a date that will take Tayshia to your hometown, give her that vibe of what you would eat, what you might do ... a little window into what life might be like with you."

The loved ones of these contestants were also flown to the site, quarantined and tested for COVID-19.

"They're doing everything they need to do to be here for you guys," Harrison said.

tay and people

Brendan started things off by giving Tayshia a sense of his small Massachusetts hometown.

He organized a fair and had his niece, Aliyah, join to play carnival games and show Tayshia the secret handshake she has with her uncle.

"I want to be a dad more than anything," Brendan admitted in an on-camera interview.

Spending the day with his brother's daughter showed the roofer that Adams "obviously cares about others and would be a great aunt and I'm assuming a great mother, too."


If you'll recall, both Brendan and Tayshia have been married before and the latter spoke to the former's sister-in-law about both her past and hopeful future.

"I definitely see myself falling in love with him," Tayshia said of Brendan in an on-camera interview.

“When it's time to leave, I don’t want to. Is it game over in a sense?

Feeding Tayshia

"I truly feel like Brendan could be my husband and I could really see him standing next to me at the end of all this.”

That set a high bar for Zac's quasi hometown date.

He tried to clear it by recreating New York City: They hailed a cab together... they grabbed bagels and coffee from a food cart... and they ate pizza.

This is Zac C.

From there, Zac and Tayshia visited makeshift Central Park and concluded by hopping into the foundation where they first made a wish together on the first night.

"She lights me up," Zac told a cameraman.

Prior to the potential couple meeting members of Zac's family, his dad expressed concern over how people can find eternal love on The Bachelorette, while his brother also said he was "skeptical" over how things were gonna turn out.

Tayshia Adams Smiles Huge

"I could really see myself marrying him at the end of this, to be honest," Tayshia said to Zac's sibling, though.

"I don’t think there's any question in my mind that he's smitten at this point with Tayshia and I think she’s a pretty wonderful person," Douglas told the cameras.

"We are so blessed to be here meeting what we all hope would be, I think, the beginnings of a relationship that will forever flourish."

Tayshia Adams Ring?

How did Tayshia feel about things?

"Today was amazing," she said after the date.

"Zac’s incredible. I feel like it's right. It feels right. It feels good. I have zero hesitations about it. Zac and I are good."

Alright then, Ivan, how are you gonna top that?

Cheers with Ivan

First, he tried to give Tayshia a taste of his Filipino culture by cooking a Filipino dish.

Helping them (virtually) in the kitchen: his four-year-old niece back home ... who put together an adorable cooking demonstration video.

Tayshia fed Ivan the finished product and he told the cameras they had a "natural" connection.

"I also feel like he's a person that lets me be me and I love that about him," she said. "It was like the perfect combination of lightheaded and fun. He hit the nail on the head."

adams and ivan

When it was time to meet Ivan's mom and dad, the handsome suitor said he was flattered they flew out to California and that Adams was only the second women he had ever introduced them to,

Is Tayshia really ready to get married again, she was asked?

“I wouldn't be here unless I thought that this was the next step that I wanted to take and I'm ready for it," she assued Ivan's dad, impressing him with her confidence.

At the wrap up the night, which included Ivan breaking down after getting surprised by his brother, Tayshia told the cameras that Ivan's family "made me feel really special and included."

Tayshia Adams Stands Strong

She added: "That's a family I want to be a part of."

Finally, we get to Ben going for a Venice Beach vibe.

The pair roller skated, shopped for sunglasses and hats and took wellness shots at a juice bar.

After relaxing at the pool, Ben introduced Tayshia to his sister, Madalyn, and close family friend, Antonia.

"He's not hiding anything," Madalyn told Tayshia. "It's just the wall hasn’t broken down."

Big Kiss for Ben

Ben, meanwhile, could not stop gushing over The Bachelorette.

"She makes me feel a way that I've never felt in my entire life and I think the feeling is happiness. Like genuine, legitimate happiness," said the veteran, adding:

"And every time I'm around her I'm more impressed with the way that she's able to make me into some sort of better person.

"I don’t have the words to describe it. It's incredible."

Tayshia with Ben

Sounds amazing, but...

When Tayshia asked Ben how he felt at the conclusion of the date, he froze.

"My brain couldn’t work," he said in an on-camera interview. "In true Ben fashion, I just blew it. I'm in love with her and I should’ve told her and now I'm terrified I won't get a rose this week and I won't get to tell her how I feel.

"And that kills me inside."

4 men remain

In the end, he was right.

"I'm sorry, Ben," began Adams at the rose ceremony.

"I think you're incredible and I feel like you have taught me so much being here, truly. I really care about you.

"And I appreciate this week so much. I just feel like I don't know if our pages are necessarily aligned at this time."

Ben was taken aback by the departure, yet still couldn't bring himself to tell Tayshia how he feels.

"The fact that he couldn’t give me one ounce of emotion, it was extremely disappointing," Tayshia told the cameras after he left, fighting back tears herself.

"I'm still in love with her," Ben said on the car ride out.

Tayshia Adams Premieres

"I really thought we were going to be together. I wanted to marry her. She was going to be my wife.

"The mother of my children, all these things. I should’ve told her how I felt when I had the chance after my hometown."

"I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fall in love. Maybe she loved me and she thought I didn’t love her back. And if that’s the case, I f-cking blew it."

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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