Leah Messer to Corey Simms: Sorry I Used to Get High Around Our Kids All the Time!

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When Leah Messer's memoir was released in May of 2020, the Teen Mom 2 star was widely applauded for opening up about painful issues, including her long history with substance abuse.

Unfortunately, in the years leading up to the book, she wasn't quite so honest about her addiction.

Leah Messer Comes Clean

That means Leah is now in the position where she has to come clean to some of the most important people in her life.

The good news is, she's willing to do so.

The bad news is, the process is never easy.

Leah Messer with a Mug

On Tuesday's episode of TM2, Leah finally had a frank discussion with her first husband, Corey Simms, in which she admitted that she was often high in the presence of their twin daughters.

As flashbacks reminded us, this news did not come as much of a shock to Corey.

In fact it was the primary cause of the custody battle between Leah and Corey.

Socially-Distanced Leah Messer

But even though Leah is sober now and has been for several years, it was important for her to discuss that time period with her ex.

“I haven’t ever really talked to you about it, [and] you didn’t know that after I had Addie, they put me on multiple different painkillers,” Messer began the difficult conversation,

Corey admitted that he “didn’t know all the details,” adding, “all I know is that you have progressed."

Corey Simms, Twins

“I look back at that moment, and I wish each of us, all of us — including your wife — could have communicated it a little differently and provided that safe place for me as an addict,” Leah said.

Corey argued that they were being “supportive”, however, their “support turned to anger,” 

Sounds like the kind of thing people say when they weren't actually supportive at all, but at least Corey agreed that his co-parenting relationship with Leah is currently “where it should be.”

Leah Messer is Troubled

So the conversation may not have gone exactly as Leah had planned, but at least she took the leap and spoke her mind.

Long known as one of the most secretive Teen Moms, Messer's life quite literally became an open book this year.

While we're sure she's had many difficult conversations in recent months, we would guess that she feels it's all been worth it, and not only because of revenue from book sales.

Millions of Americans have struggled with addictions to opioids or other painkillers, and many of them are single moms.

Hearing an account like Leah's, in which she managed to turn things around and find true happiness in family, career, and sobriety has no doubt served as an inspiration to many.

And just as importantly, we're sure Leah has benefitted tremendously from finally telling her story in its entirety.

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