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Larissa Lima chose money over fame when she made the switch from 90 Day Fiance to OnlyFans.

But she didn’t leave Instagram — and some fans think that her content is just too darn spicy for the photo sharing app.

Larissa Lima Wears Almost Nothing on Instagram

Larissa Lima knows how to enthrall and entrance her fans and followers.

This scandalous barely-there string bikini photo, above, is just one of many, as you’ll see as you scroll down this post.

And what’s significant about these photos is that they’re all on Instagram.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy on Instagram

Larissa famously joined OnlyFans this past September after months of hype.

She was far from the first star in the franchise to sign up for the adult media subscription site.

Like most — but not all — 90 Day Fiance alums, Larissa does not actually bare all or post anything explicitly sexual for subscribers, but she made that clear from the get-go.

Larissa Lima Snaps a Selfie in Colorado Springs

Instead, Larissa posts tantalizing lingerie photos on her OnlyFans.

That may not be nearly as explicit as what some OnlyFans creators put up … but it’s clearly enough.

Larissa rakes in a reported $40,000 per month off of her OnlyFans account. By our calculations, that sounds like about half a million per year.

Larissa Lima Poses in White Lingerie

In contrast, 90 Day Fiance might have payed, at most, $1,000 to maybe $2,000 per episode.

A year on 90 Day Fiance could give one of its most-watched stars enough to buy a used car.

Larissa is now making more than that in a single month.

Larissa Lima Flaunts Her New Profile

Whether that momentum is sustainable now that she is no longer appearing on reality TV remains to be seen.

(Though many fans are hopeful that TLC’s loss will be another network’s gain and that Larissa will get her own spinoff)

But some fans — likely the same ones just as scandalized by Larissa’s CamSoda livestream as Sharp and TLC were — think that her Instagram pics don’t belong there.

Larissa Lima in Red Lingerie

They wish that she’d keep her lingerie photos and bikini pics relegated to OnlyFans.

Quite frankly, this is a little ridiculous.

Whether you like Larissa or the modifications that she’s made to her body is your business, but we all know that there are people showing much more of themselves on Instagram.

Larissa Lima in White Lace Lingerie

Like, there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to unclothed butts — people wearing zero clothing but facing away from the camera.

And that is perfectly allowed — provided that we don’t, to put it delicately, see said booty cheeks parting.

So to suggest that Larissa is showing "too much" while showing even less than this … it just doesn’t make sense.

Larissa Lima Gets Playful With The Camera

I’m not sure what people complaining about Larissa’s Instagram-appropriate content are hoping to see instead.

Larissa are Eric aren’t dating anymore, so couple photos are out of the question. She uses her Instagram Stories for Q&As, but her real posts are for photos.

We’re unsure of what to tell people who don’t like what she’s showing them. Like … the unfollow button is free.

Larissa Lima in a Pink Bikini

Ultimately, some people just don’t like Larissa — and decided to dislike her a long time ago.

It was pretty easy when she got the "villain edit" in her first season, but most people are too sharp to believe TLC’s dishonest narratives at face value.

It was only when Colt was playing those same mind games and cheating on Jess Caroline that people who only follow the show itself and nothing behind the scenes realized what a scumbag he is.

Larissa Lima Showcases New Booty

Larissa is one of the most legendary, polarizing figures in 90 Day Fiance history.

A lot of us are interested in keeping up with her activities and her life now and into the future.

Just remember: if you’re not keen on seeing her megaboobs in barely-there lingerie, you can always keep up with Larissa’s story here at The Hollywood Gossip.