Colt Johnson Confesses: Yes, I Boned Vanessa While I Was Dating Jess!

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At the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All for Season 5, Colt Johnson proclaimed his love of boning.

He was much less bold about admitting to cheating on Jess ... right up until he confessed to it.

Colt Johnson wants to be treated like an adult

From the start of their relationship, Jess Caroline was suspicious of Colt's "friendship" with Vanessa Guerra.

No, that is an understatement.

She knew that Vanessa and Colt were more than just friends, and she didn't want them together.

Colt Johnson speaks about friendship, desire for Vanessa

When she told Colt this, he had the option of simply saying "no, I won't end a friendship for a relationship, not now and not ever."

Hey, I'd do the same! But honesty does not appear to be one of Colt's strengths.

Instead, he cooked up a fake set of texts to Vanessa, pretending to end their friendship so that he could appease Jess and retain his bond with Vanessa.

Colt Johnson fake texts to Vanessa via Jess Caroline

Colt's desire to have his cake and eat it too worked for weeks and possibly even months, wasting Jess' time while she had no idea that he was lying to her.

Though the two had some degree of friction, things went so well that Jess invited Colt to visit her in Brazil and meet her family.

Debbie invited herself a long. For our own mental health, we have chosen to believe that TLC were the ones who decided that Debbie would tag along.

Things went well in Brazil. Too well, according to Debbie.

After seeing how well Colt got along with Jess' family, bonding with them even while sending her back to the hotel because she couldn't be nice, she knew that she had to do something.

So Debbie opted to sabotage Colt and Jess' romance ... by revealing Colt's lie.

Debbie Johnson creates problems on purpose

Debbie decided to create problems on purpose.

She knew just how to "innocently" slip it into the conversation that Vanessa was still close with them.

Debbie offered to show Colt and Jess photos of the cats ... photos that Vanessa had taken while catsitting for them.

Debbie Johnson hears - did you know that Jess had a problem [with Vanessa]?

Debbie let it slip and Jess was nothing short of furious.

She bolted out of the hotel and contacted Vanessa for confirmation that, yes, Vanessa is still friends with Colt.

Vanessa confirmed it. When Jess returned, she was nothing short of livid.

While no one should ever throw anything, the anger behind Jess' decision to yeet her shoes across the room as she took them off was more than understandable.

Colt had lied to her, setting aside her feelings so that he could continue to bone her -- and, of course, so that he could film the show with her.

Furiously, Jess packed up her things and left the hotel. Sadly, that was not the end of their story.

Eventually, Jess did agree to give Colt another chance.

He returned to the US, and though he and Jess kept in touch, more often than not, they were still just trying to patch things up.

Jess went from imagining spending the rest of her life with Colt to unsure if she could even stomach conversation with him.

Colt Johnson calls Jess Caroline on his tablet

When they did meet up again, a number of women had contacted her.

We don't know how many women Colt sent his dick pics to while he was allegedly trying to win over Jess.

But at least eight women came forward and contacted her to warn her that Colt was sending his penis photos as if he were single.

Jess Caroline - in two weeks, you sent it to 8 girls

That was not the worst of it, however. Jess might almost have been convinced to go along with things thanks to Colt's protests that they were basically on a break.

Then, Jess learned that Vanessa was now living in the house with Colt and Debbie.

She was their "roommate." That was enough. Colt clearly didn't care about Jess' feelings and he never, ever would.

Jess Caroline - I was born yesterday!

Colt's cheating scandal from December 2018, when he sent his dick pics to multiple side pieces while assuring them that his marriage to Larissa was only for TV, never made it onto the show.

That was not the case when he cheated on Jess, as it was so central to their drama.

But there are different levels of cheating. How far did Colt go when he was supposed to remain loyal to Jess?

Vanessa at the HEA s5 Tell All

Finally, at Part 5 of the Tell All, Colt confessed that he had slept with Vanessa ... and that it happened during his relationship with Jess.

In fact, he shared that if Vanessa had agreed to be with him after their respective marriages ended, he wouldn't have wasted Jess' time.

"I love Vanessa," Colt declared. Meanwhile, Vanessa admitted that though she loves Colt as a friend, after seeing all of this mess, she's no longer interested in a relationship with him.

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