90 Day Fiance Stars on OnlyFans: Who Offers the Best Bang For Your Buck?

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Several 90 Day Fiance stars have opened up about their OnlyFans ambitions.

But which stars have pages, and who is offering the most bang (ahem) for your buck?

Stephanie Matto Shares on Instagram

Stephanie Matto did not make a good impression on viewers on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

As part of the franchise's long-overdue first same-sex couple, she stunned fans and her then-girlfriend with a resentful attitude and some obvious hangups.

But maybe her OnlyFans page can soften how people view her? Well ... maybe soften isn't the right word, here.

Stephanie Matto OnlyFans profile

Stephanie offers only $10 per month -- and special, half-off discounts, which is definitely on the low end in terms of OnlyFans prices.

Reports say that she does use the site to show off her breasts -- where, notably, a number of famous people who have joined have shied away from any nudity.

Of course, Stephanie has worked as a stripper before. Of all of the 90 Day Fiance stars on the site, she is offering subscribers the most bang for their buck.

Evelin Villegas Gets Real on Instagram

Evelin Villegas is one of the most polarizing figures to ever appear on 90 Day Fiance.

The Ecuadoran surfing-enthusiast is no stranger to baring most of her body in string bikini beach photos.

Her thirst traps on the adult media subscription site are said to be largely the same, with captions teasing that she could be showing more.

Evelin Villegas OnlyFans profile

Evelin charges $14.99 per month for those who want to view her tasteful almost-nudes.

Despite her teasing captions, it is unclear if she ever plans to go beyond that -- which is just fine.

$14.99 may not be a lot, but she'd only need, what, 30 subscribers and suddenly OnlyFans is paying her rent, right? Not bad during a pandemic.

Corey Rathgeber Strips Down

Corey Rathgeber initially expressed his misgivings about Evelin signing up for the site -- even publicly calling her out over it.

Then, he started offering "strip teases" on Cameo to paying fans.

Obviously, it wasn't long before Corey joined Evelin, making his own OnlyFans page.

Corey Rathgeber OnlyFans profile

Plenty of people who charge $14.99 per month (or even less) bare all, or do even more.

Corey, however, reportedly does not in fact hang dong on his page.

Instead, he is said to feature workout videos. We're sure that there's some titillating stuff there, but that's it.

Deavan Clegg in Hair Extensions

Deavan Clegg, who is currently living in the US with her two children and is dating after her breakup with Jihoon Lee, is also on OnlyFans.

She is a gorgeous young model who has been put through the wringer both by life and by some very toxic trolls.

People who actually want to support her can sign up for her OnlyFans and see exclusive content.

Deavan Clegg OnlyFans profile

Subscribers need to shell out $15 per month for Deavan's content.

Now, Deavan says right there in her profile that this is an account for lingerie and swimsuit pics.

That's going to appeal to plenty of fans. If you're looking for someone quality testing Bad Dragon products, look elsewhere.

Anfisa Nava Flaunts Her Booty in Red

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava is believed to have worked as a camgirl before she came to the US to be with Jorge.

She has certainly done modeling work, absolutely stunning fans with her body on Instagram and in a bodybuilding bikini contest.

Anfisa is also on OnlyFans.

Anfisa Nava OnlyFans profile

For $19 per month, you can see Anfisa pose in ... somewhat raunchy gym photos, reports say.

It sounds like there isn't any nudity in her content and that she doesn't plan to change that.

But people don't need to be naked for their fans to be horny.

Eric Nichols

Eric Nichols is Larissa Lima's ottery boyfriend.

Even before Larissa debuted her own page (we'll get to that), Eric unveiled his own.

If you liked his thirst traps on Instagram, you're going to love what he is offering up on OnlyFans.

Eric Nichols OnlyFans profile

Eric is charging a whopping $25 per month, while saying that whether or not he goes fully nude is "up to the people," whatever that means.

We're not saying that it's too much -- but it's a higher price for someone who is not a professional sex worker in other aspects of their lives.

"I know my value and it has never been cheap or expensive," Eric told one fan who challenged his pricing. "It’s an investment."

Larissa Lima Glittering in Glam

Larissa Lima has been asked about joining OnlyFans for ages.

We now understand from her cosmetic surgery journey that she has been grappling with serious body image issues, seeing a distorted version of herself instead of the beautiful woman we've all seen on our screens.

Now that Larissa has had two rounds of major cosmetic surgery, including a boob job and an abdominoplasty, she is feeling hot and sexy ... and is making fans' dreams come true.

Larissa Lima OnlyFans profile

Larissa, like Eric, charges $25 per month to thirsty subscribers.

Larissa objected to the "porn" label used in many headlines after she declared her intent to join OnlyFans.

She plans to share sexy pics, but some fans hope that she will share more of herself in time. For now, Larissa is very new to the site and only has a few posts up.

Colt Johnson wakes up in Brazil

This leads us to Larissa's infamous ex-husband, Colt Johnson.

Colt is known for his notoriously expensive porn habit, one exposed by Larissa during their marriage.

Things have come full circle, as Colt is part of OnlyFans.

Colt Johnson OnlyFans profile

Colt, like his ex and her current man, charges $25 per month.

He has teased fans with a series of revealing photos, in and out of a robe, showing off his body. These photos were reportedly snapped by Vanessa.

Of course, if you want to see his dong, apparently he'll just DM it to you.

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