Gwendlyn Brown Thanks "Weed Man" on Christmas. Does She Get High?!?

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As previously reported, in surprising fashion, the Sister Wives all got together for Christmas this year.

How special, right?

For 18-year old Gwendlyn Brown, however, this may have been cool... but it wasn't the coolest part of her holiday season.

Gwendlyn Brown on Insta


What Brown was apparently thankful for on Jesus Christ's birthday was... her drug dealer?!?


Gwendlyn posted a meme on her Instagram Story late last week, thanking “those working this Christmas.”

Gwendlyn Brown and her Mother, Christine

Included on the list were gas station employees... Uber drivers...  fire fighters... emergency medical services... Walmart employees... and “the weed man."

Hey, she said it!

Not us.

While the Brown family has never revealed their stance on marijuana, Kody -- the father of 18 and the patriarch of this polygamous clan -- has said on Sister Wives that mormons “traditionally do not drink alcohol.”

Gwendlyn Brown Photograph

Fair enough.

We respect religious beliefs and decisions based on those beliefs, of course.

However, earlier this year, Meri Brown said during a Facebook Live that her daughter Mariah, 25, recommended CBD products to help relieve stress after Kody complained he has had trouble sleeping.

She didn't really seem to be joking, either, although we can't confirm that Kody ever took any.

Gwendlyn Brown Selfie

The Sister Wives family, of course, belongs to the Apostolic United Brethren, which is a Mormon fundamentalist group.

But Gwendlyn doesn’t follow her relatives' strict beliefs.

She expressed uncertainty over her family’s religion just earlier this month.

“I hate being asked to explain my religious views bc I don’t even know," she wrote online, adding:

"I don’t know why god made eve sin then let his son die to forgive the sin that was his own fault and if he’s omnipotent why’d he let satan happen? I don’t no. Head empty. Amen."

Gwendlyn Brown and Christine Brown

An open and proud bisexual, the teenager continued as follows:

"Might just mess around and join The Satanic Temple -- just incase ya girl needs an abortion bc we all know that right’s gonna get taken away soon."

She later captioned an email confirming her membership to The Satanic Temple by penning these three straightforward words:

“I did it.”

Gwendlyn Brown Photo

For the record, The Satanic Temple does NOT worship satan and is not a part of The Church of Satan.

Gwendlyn typically uses her social media platform to promote Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights and to express her liberal political viewpoints.

In August, she revealed she is bisexual.

“I never ‘came out’ because I was never ‘in.’ I’m just bi," she told The Sun simply at the time.

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