Devoin Austin to Briana DeJesus: Stop Getting Plastic Surgery and Spend Some Money on Your Kids!

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The Teen Mom franchise has introduced us to at least a dozen loser deadbeat dads over the years.

Most of these men seem to realize, on some level, that they suck, even if they defend their actions in the face of criticism.

Bri 7

But Briana DeJesus' baby daddies appear to genuinely believe they're good guys who are misunderstood by fans.

This is surprising, as that's definitely not the case.

Earlier this season, we learned that Briana had contracted an STD from Luis Hernandez.

Briana Explains the Coronavirus

Now, Devoin Austin is fighting back against claims that he should actually support his daughter by paying child support.

Mind you, Bri only receives about $250 a month from each of her baby daddies.

Anybody who has kids, or knows anyone who has kids, or simply lives in the real world will tell you that that's a paltry amount of cash.

Devoin Austin on Instagram

But apparently, Devoin believes he's being taken advantage of.

Over the summer he sent Briana $80 and acted as though he should be patted on the back for this generous gesture.

Now, he's calling her out for the way she spends her money, and claiming that she blows all of her child support cash on plastic surgery.

Briana DeJesus Gets Her Results

During a text message exchange that took place during Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana and Devoin bickered about money.

She reminded him that she supplements her income from the show by working a corporate job and pursuing various side hustles.

He argued that she's actually quite rich, and that her corporate gig is merely part of her effort to “try and get smart” (as though there's anything wrong with that).

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

Then he really crossed the line, attacking Bri for what he called her “$15,000 body."

He seemed to be insulting her for her plastic surgery procedures, but the attempted burn didn't work for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, 15 grand really isn't that much money when you're talking about multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Briana DeJesus Smiles

On top of that, Bri has been quite vocal about the fact that she gets most of her work done for free in exchange for shouting out her doctor on Instagram.

She pointed these things out to Devoin, but he seemed uninterested in anything that might undermine his lame argument.

The fact of the matter is, even if Bri had spent 15 grand on plastic surgeries, it really wouldn't be anyone's business but her own.

Devoin Austin Mug Shot

She asks very little of her baby daddies, and they continually fail to provide even that much.

Briana has called out Devoin as a deadbeat dad on numerous occasions, and it seems he has no intention of changing his ways.

Perhaps calling him out on Teen Mom 2 is her last-ditch effort to get him to actually fork over some cash.

Or maybe she feels that since he can't be counted on to send money, at least she can use him for a good storyline.

Of course, the downside of that strategy is that it means he gets more screen time, which means he gets more money from the show -- and it's highly doubtful that he'll send any to Bri.

You can't win with these losers.

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