Briana DeJesus: I Hope Both My Baby Daddies DIE!

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Briana DeJesus has never been one to hold back her true feelings.

But for the sake of hammering out a civil co-parenting relationship in the future, she may want to start containing her emotions while publicly discussing her relationships with the fathers of her two daughters.

Briana With Baby Daddies

Over the past few months, Briana has been all over the map with regard to her feelings toward her baby daddies.

She had a one-night stand with Luis Hernandez, but the short-lived reconciliation soured when Briana learned that Hernandez had given her an STD.

As for the other sperm donor, Briana has been calling Devoin Austin a deadbeat dad for months, and now she's decided to double down on that claim.

Devoin Austin on Instagram

In fact, Bri has unloaded on both of her exes with one of the greatest Teen Mom baby daddy rants of all time.

As far as we can tell, the trouble began with an Instagram Story tirade from Devoin, in which he encouraged Bri to "STFU" and “tell the world how LITTLE [Teen Mom 2] pays you and I’ll tell them how LITTLE they pay me.” 

(It's a weird way of phrasing it, but it seems Devoin feels he's not making enough money from the show.)

Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin Pic

Briana didn't understand his need to drag her employer into the fray, but she did feel the need to absolutely go off on both Devoin and Luis in what's truly an anti-deadbeat rant for the ages:

"I don't know how this whole fight ended up being about MTV and how much I make or what I do with MY money," she wrote in her Instagram Story.

"Lol, it was supposed to be about being a parent and sacrificing, being consistent and reliable and responsible and giving 100 percent at all times and not the bare minimum," Briana continued.

Bri on IG

"It was also about $250 a month to help with your child's sport that she's so talented at."

DeJesus went on to stress that she does quite well for herself and asks very little of her baby daddies.

But it seems they struggle to meet even her most minimal requirements:

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

"I'm not asking for much and I never asked for much but mfs get real sensitive and I had enough," she wrote.

"I'm ok doing everything financially like I've been doing since day 1. Even while being on a break from MTV. And I'm also ok with doing everything else," she added.

"Keep doing what you've been doing and I'll continue doing what I've been doing and there shouldn't be an issue anymore. Just know I ma doing waiting on mfs to get together and I'm done helping anyone else out."

Briana DeJesus Loooks Upset

From there, Briana outlined her own goals while really going off on Luis (we guess she's still a bit salty about that chlamydia situation).

"My goal for the time being is to be the best parent I can be and I plan on making moves to get up and leave so do what you can to make this time count," she wrote, adding

"Baby daddy #2 can also suck my d--k and I hope he chokes. Mr. Baldy is a true definition of a deadbeat.

Luis Miguel

"He gets the same energy all the time. He's just grown and doesn't run to IG. He acknowledges that he's top tier on the s--t list," she added.

"I come with the same energy to him. But he stays clear cause he knows I'll chew his ass a new one," Bri continued.

"He is literally non existent. I don't hear from him, idk if he's even alive – well, that's not true cause he sends money weekly for Stella but you get my point."

Briana DeJesus Gets Her Results

The rant comes on the heels of a separate tirade in which Briana boasted about how much she supports her kids' fathers.

"I’m such a horrible person/mom but I give both my baby daddies chance after chance," DeJesus wrote last week.

"I invited one of my baby daddies to live with me because he was homeless, let him stay to save up money to get his own place," she continued.

"I gave another baby daddy 1k+ to get on his feet to start a new job. He also wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for me helping him with money."

It's tough to say which one of Bri's baby daddies took the worse tongue-lashing here.

But we're guessing both of them will think twice before they complain about her again.

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