Briana DeJesus: I Quit on Both of My Baby Daddies!

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Briana DeJesus has been known to thrown down on social media.

It's sort of a whole thing: she talks a big game online, but when it comes to actually confronting someone in person, she backs down.

That's how it happened with Kailyn Lowry, remember?

They feuded on social media for so long and when Kailyn tried to fight at the reunion, she refused until they were onstage together and security was right there to break it up before it even got started.

Which is fine, by the way -- we're not endorsing violence here.

We're just pointing out that Briana has a habit of getting real sassy online and going after various people in her life.

And that's what she just did with both of her baby daddies, Devoin Austin and Luis Miguel.

Settle in, because this is quite a ride ...

1. Here We Go

Here We Go
There's so much to unpack here, so let's just get right to it, OK?

2. Hey, Devoin

Hey, Devoin
This is Devoin Austin, the father of Briana's older daughter, Nova. She's complained several times over the years about him not being around and not providing enough for Nova. She's publicly criticized him for this quite a bit, and while they do get along sometimes, they haven't been on the best terms for a while now.

3. Hey, Luis

Hey, Luis
And this is Luis Miguel, the father of Briana's younger daughter, Stella. He and Bri had a one night stand in the bathroom of a nightclub and she got pregnant. They barely had a relationship during the pregnancy, and he's pretty much never around for Stella, although he did pop in for a bit last year, long enough to give Briana an STD.

4. Single Mom Status

Single Mom Status
Briana lives with her girls, her mother, and her sister, and in addition to filming for Teen Mom 2, she works for an agency that sells time shares and runs a salon. So yeah, she's got a lot on her plate.

5. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
And that's probably why she snapped so hard at something Devoin posted on social media yesterday.

6. Selling His Soul

Selling His Soul
In case you hadn't heard, the new PlayStation was released this week, and a lot of people have been really anxious to get their hands on it. Devoin is one of those people, and he made a post on his Instagram story about how he has cash for anyone who's managed to get one.

7. Not Having It

Not Having It
Over on Twitter, someone made a general tweet about how unfortunate it is that some men are spending so much money on the PS5 instead of "investing in your woman," and Briana retweeted it with the correction of "ur child," a clear dig at Devoin.

8. All Done

All Done
She then posted this message on Instagram about how a new season of Teen Mom 2 is starting up soon and she's "no longer going to entertain the topic of baby daddies."

9. Nope

"I give up on the both of them and will only focus on bettering myself and being the best mother I can possibly be," she continued. "I will not ask for an extra hand nor will I try to help anyone else out."

10. K

She also mentioned the idea of moving to Texas again, because apparently she's still on that.

11. It's Official

It's Official
Someone told her that they wanted to see her finally set up child support from Devoin and Luis, and she said "Nope. Don't plan on asking for any kind of money or time. I am officially done."

12. Oh No

Oh No
And then she hopped on Twitter because, judging from the rant she went on there, she was still absolutely furious about the idea of Devoin having cash for a PlayStation.

13. She's Had It

She's Had It
"Don't tell me u ain't got no money when u ready to pay for a ps5 'cash in hand don't matter how much' but can't buy Nova an iPad for ur house so she can do her online work," she began. "That's why I give more heat to one of my baby daddy and not the other."

14. Luis Who?

Luis Who?
"Luis isn't around," she continued. "He doesn't ask about Stella and it's hard cause i only wanted her to have her dad and it makes me cry even thinking about it but I give him the same heat.. he just never fights back."

15. Some Support

Some Support
She explained that even though he's never around, he does send somewhere between $150 and $200 every week, which is nice

16. Awww

She wrote that neither of her daughters has "a consistent father figure in their life," and that "it's sad but it's my fault." She also said that as the girls are getting older, "I will let them decide what they wanna do and who they want in their life. I am done and give up on this battle!"

17. Hmmm

But then after saying that Nova and Stella don't have consistent father figures, she admitted that Devoin spends more time with her during the week than she does, and that he picks her up from school every day, hangs out with her for a few hours, then takes her to gymnastics practice -- but she also said that Nova complains to her that he doesn't pay attention to her or help her with her homework while she's there.

18. Dang

She wasn't done yet, not by a long shot -- she tweeted "I'm such a horrible person/mom but I give both my baby daddies chance after chance... I invited one of my baby daddies to live with me because he was homeless, let him save up money to get his own place. He's where he's at now because I let him stay with me."

19. So zGiving

So zGiving
That sounds like Devoin, and she said she gave her other baby daddy over $1,000 to get started with his new job, presumably the trucking gig. On top of all that, she said that she's let them use her car when they didn't have one, and that she hasn't taken them to court for child support because she knows the consequences can be pretty serious if they weren't able to pay.

20. Sounds Fair

Sounds Fair
Briana tweeted that "Both fathers want to father when it's convenient for them but when's the last time they actually taught their kid something like how to ride a bike or learn a sport? How often do they spend quality time? I don't ask for much but I am the first person that is always there no matter what but I'll forever be the bad guy."

21. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
She went on like this for a while, but this part can be summed up with one tweet "End of the day, I still try too hard and I don't get what I ask for return but Gucci sneakers and popping bottles at the club is more important."

22. Ouch

She threw this little message in there too, which feels pointed but we'll take it with grace.

23. Shutting It Down

Shutting It Down
Towards the end of her rant, she preemptively shut down any criticism headed her way for spending money on herself. She reminded her followers that any plastic surgery she's gotten has been free, and that she's already paid off her house because "I always think of long term, I'm not worried about the new phone that's out or the new play station or shoes. I take care of my responsibilities before I start to play with my money."

24. The Response

The Response
After seeing all of that come from his desire to purchase a PS5, Devoin started doing some posting of his own, like this little gem from Instagram where he requested that instead of posting all of this about him on social media, she just wait a little while so she could say it to his face when he dropped Nova off.

25. His Turn

His Turn
"How much is MTV really paying you????" he asked. "Shut the f-ck. You sign a paper. Talk about ME and Luis and whatever n---- you f-ckin w. Then you get an easy check. Enough to buy a motorcycle in the middle of a pandemic."

26. Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning
He then said that it was his day off from work so "I got TIME," which is really something you never want to hear from someone you're having a social media argument with."

27. Follow the Money

Follow the Money
"Tell the world how LITTLE teen mom pays you and I'll tell them how LITTLE they pay me," he went on. "So stfu. It takes ZERO effort to talk sh-t about both your baby daddies on camera. S/o to them women buying homes off punching the CLOCK."

28. Disney!

"Feed my child every day put clothes on her back new sh-t every week get her toys when she wants what else I gotta do???" he asked. "Lol wtf take her to Disney?"

29. Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild
"Y'all wild," he wrote. "Life is real. I handle all my sh-t by MYSELF. No crutches on this side to fall on. Take yo teen mom and run widdit or take me to court? DUHHH? If I'm not doing sh-t? Right? Duh? Or duhhh?? sum not adding up."

30. Ohhh

He speculated that since Briana said she'll start filming the new season soon, she's trying to stir up some drama because even though she complained so much about him never being around, "I do this week in week out no days off. So cut it out. Tell what's really going on MF. Tell a judge. Bare minimum my DICK."

31. Still Going

Still Going
Clearly still upset about all of this, Devoin also wrote "I don't get no glory don't take no trips I work my black asss at bonefish. Which I'm not complaining but damn you just out yo mouth said 'I'm able to buy this house and take care of my whole fam with my check' lol stfu. I ain't even get a ps5."

32. The End

The End
He finished everything up with "Hope y'all enjoying this sh-t I won't get out of character again. But ya got me f-cked up got damnn."

33. ... Almost

... Almost
Except today Devoin shared a screenshot of this text message exchange with Briana, so make of that what you will.

34. What Next?

What Next?
Briana hasn't responded to any of that yet -- in fact, she went and deleted all the tweets from her account. Like, every single one, not just the ones we covered here.

35. Throwing It Out There

Throwing It Out There
But if we had to guess, nothing much will change. She may have an interview or two about this or it may show up in the new season, but after a while things will go back to normal between her and Devoin.

36. What a History

What a History
After all, this is hardly the first time she's dragged him on social media, and it definitely won't be the last.

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