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So you know how Briana DeJesus doesn’t always say the right thing or make the best choices?

If you’re even aware that Briana exists, then you surely know those things.

Bri D
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It’s just … she’s not that great at thinking things through, is she?

And we saw a great example of that with the way she responded to some criticism from this week’s season finale of Teen Mom 2.

In one of Briana’s scenes in the episode, we saw her take her family to a private showing of a circus.

Like, a whole circus.

Briana DeJesus Loooks Upset
Photo via MTV

That’s weird, right?

It’s definitely something that most people couldn’t afford to do — it’s hard to imagine how much something like that would have cost.

And since she’s been complaining about finances this season, viewers were understandably a bit confused about how she pulled it off.

Over on Twitter, one of those people wrote "Bri I am so broke yet I can get a private circus viewing. How many moms out there get private viewings of anything, let alone a circus."

Briana DeJesus in 2019
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"All the circus staff, the circus food vendors. I agree Bri her mom and sister are just a group of men haters."

We’re not quite sure about how that "group of men haters" part is relevant to the circus issue, but this person does have a point in that Briana often says that she’s broke.

And wouldn’t you know it, Briana took the time to explain how in her world, she can be broke and still get a whole circus all to herself.

"No," she wrote, "we actually got regular tickets to go and MTV said I couldn’t go with a mass full of people and they felt bad saying no to me so they scheduled a private event for us and the kids."

Briana DeJesus in a Zaddy Shirt
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"Tired of people thinking I got all of this money. I don’t fool."

Well, there’s an awful lot to unpack there.

For one, it makes sense that MTV would have been the ones to pay for this, since we’ve always heard they pay for events and outings they film — vacations, restaurants, and now circuses.

But is her reasoning any better, that she wanted to take her family, including her mother with lupus and her young daughter with a heart condition, to a circus during a pandemic?

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Wouldn’t you rather people think you just had the money instead of admitting you almost made such a dumb, irresponsible choice?

Why would you want people to believe you’re broke so badly that you would just throw yourself under the bus like that?

And two, has she ever considered that maybe people think she has a lot of money because she acts like she has a lot of money?

She bought house outright with cash, she bought a motorcycle, she bought her new boyfriend a great big gun.

Briana and Her Face
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When she showed her expenses for the kids on an earlier episode, we saw that she spends over $15,000 a year on gymnastics alone.

She also rented out an entire Airbnb just for her daughter’s third birthday party this summer.

None of these are things that a person who was truly broke would be able to do.

We’re not sure why Briana so desperately wants people to believe she doesn’t have any money, or why she wanted to take her family to a circus in the middle of a pandemic in the first place.

We’ll just have to tack this on to the long list of Teen Mom mysteries we’ll likely never solve, right along with "Did Kailyn Lowry really hook up with Javi Marroquin in the Wawa parking lot?" and "Why is Farrah Abraham willing to film herself pooping and send the video to someone for only $100?"