Kailyn Lowry: I'm So Sorry I Exposed Javi as an Aspiring Cheater!

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Kailyn Lowry has quite the past several days.

Don't just take our word for it, however.

Read the words from Kailyn Lowry herself.

Kailyn Lowry and a Selfie

"I've had a crazy week between the episode of Teen Mom airing last night and other stuff that I'm dealing with Lux and Creed," Lowry told podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley on air on their latest Coffee Convos installment.

For those unaware of these topics:

Lux and Creed are the names of Lowry's two youngest sons, both of whom she had with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

The MTV personality recently explained that Lopez -- who really seems to suck a whole lot -- made her take a paternity test after she got pregnant with his second son.

Kail Ponders

In regard to last Tuesday evening's episode of Teen Mom 2?

We learned for the first time on the program that Lowry's former husband, Javi Marroquin, allegedly tried to sleep with her. In a car. That was parked in a Wawa parking lot.

“You’re going to treat me like this? Oh is that why you tried to f--k me on Tuesday?" Lowry yelled at Javi in a scene that instantly went viral, adding of the suppose incident:

"In the Wawa parking lot, while your girlfriend is home with your son … just this past week.'

Kail in Lingerie

The scene in question was filmed many months ago, but Javi's girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, was very much with him at the time -- and Lowry's accusation has stirred a lot of tension between her and Marroquin.

According to Kailyn, it's also stirred up her very own insides.

"I went into therapy and I'm 20 minutes over my session and I'm crying," she told Chrisley of her own reaction to making this interaction with Javi public.

"I'm in this seasonal – maybe it's Mercury in retrograde – I don't know what it is, but I've just been so hard on myself."

Kailyn Lowry and Four Kids

Kailyn has come under fire for seemingly exposing Javi and for possiibly causing his break-up with Comeau, with whom Marroquin welcomed a baby boy last year.

"I'm not seeing changes," she continued on this podcast.

"I feel changes as far as therapy goes, but I feel like other people are not seeing or feeling the changes and they expect more out of me, so it's stressing me out that I can't give them what they want."

She went on to explain that the aforementioned scene was shot way back in December.

Kail Crying

Kailyn claimed to Chrisley that she'd never air such dirty laundry on Teen Mom 2 at this point; that she's learned her lesson in this department and she wishes viewers would believe her.

In the old days?

"I probably wouldn't have given a f--k if I filmed about it like I have in the past," she said.

"I've said things about other people's relationships that weren't my f--king business or my place, and I didn't feel bad about it."

Kailyn Lowry Shines In 2020

But these days?

"Something aired... I had said something about how, you know, Javi was trying to hook up with me or whatever. And just, the feeling of guilt.

"One, I should have never filmed about that, and two, putting myself in Lauren's shoes, I was sick to my stomach.

"And that's God's honest truth. I've read the comments and it was so sickening to myself."

Kail Cries

It's true: Critics are agahst that Lowry said all this about Marroquin.

"I know that I've made progress and so I apologized to [Lauren] privately and I apologized to her publicly but I feel like that's still not good enough," Kailyn continued.

"I'm in therapy and I'm like 'I still feel sick, I still feel like I'm overwhelmed with these emotions and I don't know how to fix what I've done.

"And then on top of it, I've been preaching about therapy for a year and I'm still – I still feel the guilt about this after all this time but other people don't feel the same way."

Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom 2 Season 10

Kailyn's self-awareness may be appreciated by some, but it also may be way too late as far as Marrroquin is concerned.

In a social media post he's since deleted, the former Teen Mom 2 cast member blasted his ex for outing him in front of millions of viewers.

"I stopped filming to live my life normally cause I've realized my kids life when they get older will suffer if I continue to be apart of this tv show," he wrote.

"Not only did my mistakes play out on the show which I've had to live (and continue to live with) but I know one day I'd have to explain to my kids all my actions.'

javi pissed

He never denied what Lowry said about the attempted parking lot seduction, but he did try to distance himself from all this drama:

"I'm gonna go back to minding my own business and living my life with my family and being the absolute best dad I can be.

"But let this be the last time my name or anyone in my family's name is mentioned on any podcast, show, tweet, snap, MySpace, whatever.

"Cc: @teenmom and everybody associated with that show. Don't even text me."

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