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If you’ve been keeping up with Teen Mom news, then you surely know that Briana DeJesus is currently not getting along with Devoin Austin.

Like, at all.

Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom (2)

Her anger has been growing for the past several months — she’s been upset with him for posting photos of things like guns and weed on Instagram, complaining that he’s setting a bad example for their daughter, Nova.

She’s also slammed him for posting a photo of a bunch of cash since she said he rarely paid for any of Nova’s expenses.

But what set off this big feud they’re in now was some talk of a PlayStation 5 last month.

A lot of people have had a hard time finding the game system for sale, and Devoin made a post on his Instagram story asking if anyone had one, and that he had the cash in hand to pay for it.

Devoin Austin on Instagram

Briana absolutely lost it after seeing the post — she went on a huge Twitter rant and she also made quite a few Instagram post about it, essentially saying that she was done with him and that she wouldn’t ask him for another dime for Nova because he was a deadbeat.

He argued back that he gets clothes and toys for Nova all the time, and that he takes care of her every day after school but that he can’t spend the same amount of money on her that Briana does because she’s on reality television and he’s a server at a restaurant.

The obvious thing to do here would be to just go to court and let a judge figure out exactly who should be paying for what, but Briana refused to do that because she said she didn’t want to get him in any kind of serious trouble if he couldn’t pay.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

So instead they just keep arguing back and forth on social media, because that makes more sense.

In the past weeks since their original argument about the PlayStation, they’ve insulted each other quite a few times — he’s told her that she should spend money on her kids instead of plastic surgery, and she’s continued to complain that he doesn’t do enough for Nova.

But things got extra interesting last week when Briana’s boyfriend, Javi (not Marroquin, she just likes guys named Javi), shared on Instagram that Briana got him an early Christmas present.

She got him an assault rifle.

Devoin reposted the photo that Javi shared and added some text that read "This the same sucka ass bihh that tried to take me to court and keep me away from Nova years ago because I posted a gun."

"Damn," he continued. "What a hypocrite."

He added that he "beat that case and sorry ass lawyer she had by myself," and to Briana, he wrote "I know you a Gemini but damn. Make it make sense."

He’s right — he posted a photo featuring a pistol a while back and Briana went off about it.

But somehow an assault rifle is cool?

It really doesn’t make sense, and Devoin didn’t understand it either, because he made another post on his story about it.

"Make it make sense in the littlest way lol," he wrote. "Take me to court for posting a .40 but will go buy a chop stick?"

"Zamnnnnn. I’m starting to think this bih don’t like black men. You racist or sum?"

It seemed like he was trolling her with the racist comments, but that did get a response out of her.

"I really don’t appreciate being called racist," she posted on her own Instagram story.

She made a few points that she thought proved she’s not racist, including the facts that she has children of color and that "I myself have color in my DNA."

"Just because I do not like you as a person doesn’t mean you can yap at the mouth and make false accusations," she went on.

Briana DeJesus in 2019

"I don’t need my 9 year old mixed daughter reading this on social media and think I hate people of color. Now it’s getting out of hand and now I’m not here for the f-cking games."

She finished the post with "Disgusting behavior and I just won’t tolerate it any longer."

Hopefully she’s mad enough by Devoin’s comments to actually go to court and get some kind of official arrangement, because clearly what they have going on now isn’t working.

Who do you think is in the right here?