Briana DeJesus Quits Social Media After Baby Daddy Brandishes Gun, Drugs

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Briana DeJesus is outta here, folks.

Late last week, the Teen Mom OG star announced she was taking a "personal break" from Instagram, prior to posting a mysterious quote about "leaving" people.

It's pretty clear to whom and what DeJesus was referring, however.

Briana DeJesus in 2019

"I will soon be taking a personal break from this account," wrote DeJesus on May 30.

She then simply added: "No longer answering DMs on this page."

The mother of two then told followers she'll only be replying to messages on her beauty account.

Briana DeJesus in a Zaddy Shirt

For what reason?

"Sometimes you just gotta leave them where they wanna be left," Briana continued in a separate post.

She punctuated that post using a sleeping face and waving hand emoji.


DeJesus made this declaration after Devoin Austin, the father of Briana's oldest daughter, Nova, posted a video on his Instagram Story.

The video depicted his friend rolling a blunt on Friday with the caption:

“It’s April 20th in this MF.”

Briana and Her Face

The 27-year-old moron then showed off a sizable amount of weed on a scale that read 4.2 grams.

Also in this same footage?

A gun was very clearly seen sitting on the coffee table.

Devoin drugs

Devoin even went ahead and posted a TikTok video three hours after sharing these images.

It featured him dancing with eight-year old Nova, implying that he had been spending the day with his daughter.

It was troubling, to say the least, that he did so on the same day he was sorting drugs and keeping a weapon handy.

Briana Takes a Selfie

If that was really the case, DeJesus shouldn't just leave social media.

She should call Child Protective Services.

Whatever you may think about controlled substances, a gun is a gun.

Guns and kids do not mix.

Devoin Austin gun

According to The Sun, Briana is furious over this incident, while Devoin is defensive.

He insists his gun is licensed.

Additionally, he insists that Nova has never seen marijuana or the weapon while inside his home.

Briana on Insta

Both of these things may be true.

But DeJesus has expressed plenty of hesitation in the past over Austin spending time with their child.

In April 2019, for example, DeJesus said that Devoin almost killed their daughter.


"He f-cked up big time and I’ll never trust him again," she wrote at the time, adding by way of scary explanation:

"Lol I gave that man an inch and he took a whole f-cking yard and ducked up bad and Nova is never allowed to be with him alone again."

Austin allegedly got wasted a year ago and was at a pool with Nova, who was unable to swim at the time.

Briana D. Pic

Once Briana learned this was happening, she rushed over and picked the infant up.

She was clearly in fear that her drunk baby daddy being near water with her young kid was a dangerous combination.

One can never be too careful when it comes to child safety.

Bri D

Earlier this month, Briana also criticized Devoin for buying Nova a pet snake.

This was the very same pet snake which bit the youngster on the day they got it.

Briana and Devoin appeared together on the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant.

Briana DeJesus, Post-Surgery

At the time, viewers saw first-hand back then just how rocky their romance appeared to be.

Austin, who has a criminal record, has seemingly turned his life around over the past couple years.

This self-improvement is why he's been given more responsibility as a father.

a snake???

Now, though?

Despite Briana wanting her baby daddies to step up during the ongoing pandemic?

He may have forfeited these parenting privleges once again.

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