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Tori Roloff is pregnant with her third child!!!!

You’ve seen this headline, or some variation of it, all over the Internet of late, haven’t you?

Tori Roloff, Second Born
Photo via Instagram

The Little People, Big World star likely recognizes she’s reached a new level of fame now that various blogs and social media users are speculating on the state of her womb.

But is this speculation valid and/or accurate?

Are Tori and husband Zach really about to expand their brood, which currently consists of three-year old Jackson and 11-month old Lilah?

At last, Roloff is here to touch on the ongoing chatter.

Roloffs at Farm
Photo via Instagram

“I’m not pregnant,” the 29-year old wrote Thursday, October 15 on her Instagram Story.

“The Internet is reaching today. Don’t believe all the garbage you read on the Internet. Must be a slow news day. Or I need to work out more," she added.

There doesn’t seem to be very much behind all this talk that Tori is expecting — except that some folks out there have taken a glance at some of her latest family photos and noted that her belly was behind either a child or a pumpkin.

Therefore, they jumped to the wild conclusion that Tori must be hiding a baby bump.

Pumpkin Season Time!!
Photo via Instagram

To be clear, Tori and Zach have both said they’re open to a third child.

Just consider what the mother of two said a few weeks ago when the topic was broached.

“One day. Fo sho. God willing,” she replied during an Instagram Q&A after a fan asked if the couple would have “any more babies.”

Back in April, Tori and Zach also spoke to People Magazine about the current and future state of their family, dropping a similar hint at the time.

“Originally I was like, ‘Two kids is my max,’" Tori said in the an issue of the aforementioned magazine. "But I can definitely see us having more.”

This said, Tori has a pair of kids under four years old — both of whom have dwarfism, which can be a cause for concern — and isn’t anxious to procreate any time too soon.

The Oregon native previously told Us Weekly she is “nervous” about conceiving again, explaining:

“I want to have the option to have four kids. I don’t ever want it to be really hard for me … so I think giving my body as much time to recover as possible could help that.”

Tori, Zach and Lilah
Photo via Instagram

Sounds totally fair and reasonable, doesn’t it?

In April of last year, meanwhile, the TLC personalities said that their family was “on God’s timing.”

Zach chimed in on the subject during a Little People, Big World episode.

“Right now, we’re just kind of [like], if it happens, it happens. We have plans. We want a family. I would love four or five kids. I want a little pack," he said.

Photo via Instagram

Tori, of course, gets the final say in the plan… considering she’s the one who has to birth the impending babies.

And she’s the one who must deal with the trolls.

"I am not responsible for teaching the world anything about dwarfism or a pandemic or any other global issue," Tori wrote to open a lengthy caption in July, adding:

"However, it is my privilege to have a platform where I can share information on things I find important like dwarfism or a pandemic or other global issues."

Cradling Lilah
Photo via Instagram

"I did not chose to be in the public eye," she continued in this message, which marked one of the few times she has ever lashed out.

"I fell in love and I chose my husband then and I choose him every day since. This all comes along with him and our family and I feel like I’ve done a damn good job of being the best I can be.

"I don’t owe you anything," Tori concluded, really handing it to her critics hard.

"You don’t own me. You can’t manipulate me. This is my instagram and I can choose what I want to share.

"If this doesn’t sit well with you… I’m sorry. It’s not my job to change your mind."