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Tori Roloff feared the absolute worst on Little People, Big World this week.

On the latest installment of this popular TLC program, Tori told viewers that she had concerns over her second-born, Lilah, who entered the world in late November and who was born with dwarfism.

As a result, she is susceptible to various health concerrns — more so than the average child.

Tori Roloff is Scared

"For the last couple of days Lilah hasn’t been feeling very well and today she woke up pretty bad," Tori told viewers on the aforementioned episode, which also featured Amy and Matt Roloff butting heads overe the farm.

"She’s been throwing up a lot and just seems to be in pain and not comfortable," Tori continued.

While talking to her husband, Zach, in the couple’s Oregon kitchen, Tori added:

"She threw up three times yesterday."

Photo via TLC

Lilah was also very congested, Tori said, prompting major concern.

"With her, I just don’t look at her and say she’s fine. I look at her and I’m like, ‘Something’s wrong.’ There’s something there that’s just not adding up for me," Tori said on air.

They say a mother knows best, you know?

And, in this case, the mother has a reason to be especially worrried.

Photo via TLC

Continued Roloff:

"Raising two kids with dwarfism, you always has this background of ‘what could be wrong?’ and I think I’m a little more hypersensitive when it comes to making sure my kids have proper medical care."

Makes perfect sense, right?

Sitting with her husband and mother-in-law, Tori even admitted: "If [Lilah] was average height, I don’t think I would think anything of it.’

Tori and Zach for TLC

Tori and Zach have been very fortunate of late because their children have been happy and healthy.

"When you throw dwarfism into it, it’s like, ‘Is it hydrocephalus? Is she uncomfortable? Is her head growing too fast?’ There’s so many other things that came into play," explained Tori.

With Achondroplasia, there can be major bone problems that don’t affect people born without this condition.

There can also be issues with ear infections and with apnea and other breathing problems that may need surgery to remove the tonsils and adenoids.

Tori Roloff is Seriously Worried
Photo via TLC

The Little People, Big World star eventually broke down in tears and said: "It’s just that hydrocephalus scares the sh-t out of me."

Later in the episode, the parents learned that Lilah had the respiratory syncytial virus and the flu.

While having a relatively benign diagnosis helped Tori "relax" and feel better, the doctor told the parents to be on guard due to their daughter’s condition.

"It scared me because [Zach] almost died from RSV, so that’s where," said Tori. "That’s where I instantly was like, ‘Oh my god my kids going to die. And that’s not the case at all."

Photo via TLC

Zach and Tori welcomed Lilah in November 2019 and Jackson in May 2017. Both children have dwarfism, just like their father and paternal grandparents.

As a result, even well-meaning fans have often asked Tori about the status of her son and daughter, which has prompted Tori to get a bit annoyed at times.

Not that we blame her.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.