Little People, Big World: Has It Been Renewed?

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Over the past several days, Americans were forced to wait... and wait... and then wait even longer for the results of the Presidential election.

But this is something Little People, Big World viewers around the country have become accustomed to.


Matt Roloff in 2020

Because they're often forced to wait far longer than they'd like to after a season ends to learn the fate of this beloved TLC reality show.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Little People, Big World aired just a handful of new episodes in 2020, wrapping up its abbreviated run last month.

The cable network didn't break any renewal news afterward, however, leaving many to wonder whether we'd see more of Amy and Matt Roloff clashing in 2021.

Or whether we'd learn more about Zach's surprising proposal to maybe purchase his family's farm.

Amy Roloff on Finale

Now, though, it appears we have an answer.

Over the weekend, Matt Roloff shared a photo of himself and girlfriend Caryn Chandler, along with a lengthy note of gratitude.

"Oh boy... where to start.. when anyone ever asks me what’s my favorite day of the year I never hesitate to say Nov 1st," the father of four wrote.

"Ok ok so today 11/2 is my second favorite day. :)). It marks the end of Pumpkin Season on our farm and the start of many new possibilities."

Matt and Caryn Interview

Roloff, who previously outlined the regulations, guidelines and rules that had to be put in place amid a health crisis continued:

"This year we So many people to thank you for all of you that you did to help make our 2020-Covid style pumpkin season such a huge success here at @rolofffarms."

Very nice words from Matt, huh?

And he wasn't done, either.

Matt Roloff Gets Angry

"We were so impressed with every single person that visited us this cray cray year," he wrote.

"We braced to see the worst in people and instead saw the very best!

"So many came, had fun, stretched their legs, got some fresh air , played safe, enjoyed the crisp Fall air , saw the farm in a way that they’ve never seen before and yes... enjoyed the little surprised we planted at every turn."

We've been dragging this out, we know.

Matt Roloff Blasts Amy

You came here for actual Little People, Big World; not to read a note of gratitude from the series patriarch.

We hope to see many of you on upcoming episodes of little people big world due out Next year, added Matt in the most important passage of his post.

We can only assume he said this because he has direct renewal knowledge and has talked to TLC executives and producers -- in which case, allows us to response as follows:


Matt Roloff Gets Serious

Little People, Big World has lost cast members Jeremy and Jacob Roloff (who hate each other!) over the years... and Matt has shown an interest in moving to Arizona full-time... and Amy no longer lives on the farm.

But this is a cheap show to produce.

And it still garners decent ratings.

And it's been on the air long enough that the Roloffs can likely decide on their own when it concludes at this point.

Caryn with Matt

Concluded Matt in this message:

Thank you all (a very few exceptions) for being conciencious and keeping my family, our staff and all the other visitors as save as possible by wearing your masks and social distancing like we had prayed for.

To all of you that weren’t able to make it to The farm this year... there is always next year... hopefully back to some normalcy by then.

Now that the season is behind us... it’s off to Cabo for some well deserved sunshine and relaxation.

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