Jacob Roloff: What Can I Say? My Brother is a Moronic Donald Trump Voter!

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Jacob Roloff is done even trying to beat around the bush.

He's done attempting to mince words.

And he's definitely don't making any effort to defend his older brother.


Over the past few weeks, Jacob and Jeremy have clashed over a number of legitimate issues.

Remember those dangerous and fatal wildfires that engulfed Oregon late this past summer?

Jeremy blamed this natural disaster on arsonists, despite a lack of evidence, prompting Jacob to lay into his sibling -- HARD.

"I (try to) speak to him often, and especially when it is overt disinformation. Like today. I wish it wasn't so! But it is," Jacob wrote at the time, asking folks NOT to follow Jeremy and adding:

"Educate and speak to the people around you! Resistance to the glut and easiness of conspiracies is hugely important right now."

Jeremy and Jacob

Then, on Election Day this week, Jeremy agreed with a Tweet that claimed all looters and rioters were Democrats.

Jacob felt differently, however, calling Jeremy out for being close-minded and, to be honest, pretty darn racist.

“There’s an equal amount of circumstantial evidence to say: Not all Republicans are bigots and racists, but all bigots and racists are Republican," Jacob wrote back, using his own argument and logic against him.

It's been made clear for awhile now that Jacob is an outspoken liberal, while Jeremy votes Republican.

Isabel, Jacob and Ember

Now, though?

With Joe Biden having defeated Donald Trump, yet chaos and confusion continuing to rule the day across the country when it comes to the election?

Jacob has called on followers to remember to "protect your intellect" from those who refuse to accept facts.

And, yes, he most definitely meant this as a direct shot against Jeremy.

jr facetime

Jacob very recently shared a Tweet from a justice reporter that read:

"His path to victory narrowing, President Donald Trump is baselessly alleging massive voter fraud criminal conspiracies.

"Millions of Americans are primed to believe him. Prominent Republicans and DOJ have said nothing to reassure the American public."

In response to this message, Jacob emphasized:

"My brother is one of these millions, and your brother, mother, sister, father, grand-something probably is too. Protect your intellect."

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic

Shot fired, huh? And then some.

The brothers have long been battling over their differing political views -- and it continued on Election Day this past Tuesday, despite a mini family reunion over the weekend.

Audrey Roloff posted snapshots of Jacob and wife Isabel hanging out with her and Jeremy's kids, Ember and Bode, making it appear as if all bad blood has been resolved.

Alas, as is the case in many families, this doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to Donald Trump and his politics.

Audrey and Jeremy Together

Will this sibling rivalry carry over beyond social media?

Will Jeremy respond in any way, shape or form?

We don't know at the moment.

But, even if/when Joe Biden is officially named President-Elect, Trump will remain in office until January and will remain quite vocal until his last dying breath.

Things are only bound to get uglier.

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