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It’s a good thing that Jenelle Evans is no longer on a reality TV show, because the type of behavior she was exhibiting should never be rewarded, and the necessity of finding a real job might eventually force her to clean up her act.

But the downside is that the absence of a camera crew means there’s no longer a crew of sane adults on the Land ensuring that her children don’t come to any serious harm.

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser In the Hospital

The MTV people couldn’t do much about the psychological harm that Jenelle inflicts on her children on a daily basis, but at least they could alert the authorities in cases of physical abuse.

If you follow her on any social media platform, then you’re no doubt aware that Jenelle greatly misses the attention she used to receive as a reality star.

And that’s how we end up with posts like this one, in which Jenelle provides just enough information to stir up drama, but not enough to be helpful.

Evans’ youngest son, Kaiser, was recently hospitalized for unknown reasons.

Jenelle shared this fact with the world via a photo and a caption read simply, "Pray for bubba."

Not surprisingly, her comments section soon exploded with inquiries about the boy’s ailment.

Kaiser With Blue Hair

On Reddit, the post sparked non-stop speculation about what might be wrong with the boy.

"What happened?" one person asked.

"I’m not personally sure , jenelle posted this like 5 mins ago," another user replied.

Jenelle and Kaiser 2020

"Not a fan at all of her but Kaiser is just a kid," one person asked.

"Take care of your f–king kid, Jenelle, and stop posting them on your social media to gain sympathy points," one user commented.

"Thank God my mother never took pictures of me like this for her IG when I was in the hospital," another wrote.

Celebrating Jace

"I’m thinking, based on the popsicle, tonsilectomy with possible adenoidectomy? I just know I had that same procedure at his age," a third chimed in.

"Hashtag PrayForBubba! Let’s hope he isn’t too stressed or sick! Poor little Kaiser roll seems to always get the short end of the stick," a fourth offered.

The tonsillectomy seems like the most likely explanation, but for some fans, the incident bought to mind another recent scandal in Jenelle’s life.

Nathan Griffith Talking

Last month her ex Nathan Griffith revealed that he doesn’t like Jace, Evans’ eldest son.

Nathan is apparently of the belief that his son, Kaiser, is being bullied and abused by Jenelle’s oldest boy.

“I think Kaiser has a big heart; I think he’s very loving and I think Jace picks on him because he’s smaller," Nathan said in the clip.

Jace, Ensley, and Kaiser

"So I don’t like Kaiser around Jace, and I’m sorry," he continued.

"I don’t want Kaiser around Jace. I don’t like him. I don’t think Jace is a good kid, and that’s my opinion.

In the same Instagram post, Griffith stated that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, used to physically abuse Kaiser, but that’s no longer of concern to Nathan, as David has promised to stop.

Kaiser Smiles

Despite that shocking admission, some fans seem to be under the impression that Jace had something to do with Kaiser’s hospitalization.

"Did you see the video of Nathan saying he don’t want kaiser near jace?" one follower recently asked Jenelle on Instagram.

"Yeah brothers fight sometimes, that’s normal. Nathan isn’t around the boys enough to know," Evans clapped back.

Kaiser Hospitalized

"And also…Kaiser fights with Ensley."

Frankly, we’re more concerned about Kaiser’s relationship with David, but you can be sure Jenelle won’t be talkinh about that anytime soon.

She could easily clear the air by revealing why Kaiser is in the hospital, but that would mean less attention, and Jenelle can’t have that.