Matt Roloff Confirms BIG NEWS About the Family Farm

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ATTENTION, Little People, Big World fans!

Or, really, anyone out there who lives in the Pacific Northwest and may want to pick a pumpkin any time soon...

Matt Roloff Gets Serious

Matt Roloff posted a lengthy Instagram video on Friday that outlined his upcoming plans for the family farm, explaining how he's gonna handle the property's busiest time of the year.

Amid a pandemic.

"We've got a big announcement. The family has been scratching our heads, we've been beating ourselves up," Roloff said to open this footage, continuing as follows;

Meeting after meeting talking about this COVID and the Roloff Farms pumpkin patch.

"So we have finally, finally, and I'm here to tell you, come to some definitive, conclusions about what we're gonna do."

Matt Roloff Sits on the Farm

Talk about building some drama, huh? Just come out with it already, Matty R!

"The good news is we are gonna open!

"We're gonna open for our pumpkin festival, but it's going to look very, very different -- extraordinarily different than any years past," he said.

This, of course, has been the case for an endless array of businesses around the country over the past several weeks.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler in AZ

Those who have followed Matt and his family, though, are well aware that October is the most popular time of the year foor tourists and patrons to visit Roloff Farms.

For those who have visited the place in the past and "have an expectation, this year, we think it's going to be just as good," Matt explained. "But it's going to be our COVID version of the pumpkin festival."

Meaning what exactly?

"It's going to take place in a more intimate setting, although we're going to stretch out," Matt said.

"We're going to give everybody access to a walking trail here on the farm [for the first time]... Never let everybody kind of walk into this area of the farm. They've seen some of it from a distance on the wagon tours."

Matt Roloff Talks Amy

Matt recently purchased nearly all of his ex-wife's land on the farm, meaning he really is now fully in charge.

He's previously hinted that he was ready to sell it all himself and move to Arizona, but Roloff sounds here like a man committed to the business.

The father of four confirmed that, yes, folks will need a reservation to stop by and that he'll also need to take the unusual step of charging a fee.

But there will be some "new, cool surprises" in store for thosoe who do.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler in Arizona

"Kids are going to love it and all of our play zone and our wagon tours are put away for the season until COVID is over," he told followers.

"This is a low-touch, highly safe way to get out, stretch your legs," and "get some fresh air with the family."

On top of Covid-19, of course, Oregon has been ravaged by wildfires of late (which have caused extreme tension between some Roloffs), but Matt hopes all will be safe when the farm opens on October 2.

Matt Roloff in Red Hat

"You can come out with your family and do the walking tour, 90 minutes to two hours here and then we're gonna get a new group of people that are gonna come in and be able to do that," Matt said.

Matt assured his fans that the changes are "all about keeping you safe, keeping the Roloff family safe, and our staff safe."

He expounded:

"We're going to have disinfectant stations and everybody we're going to require to wear a mask, so don't come out if you're not ready to wear a mask, even when you're walking outside."

Matt Roloff and Bode

Little People, Big World returns with new episodes on September 29.

"It's going to be a good time! It's going to be different than before, but it's going to be a good time, " said Matt, who concluded:

"I hope to see you out here starting October 2.

"Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the month of October, come to Roloff Farm."

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