John David Duggar & Abbie Burnett Confuse Fans With Weird Anniversary Post

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It's hard to believe, but it's been two years since John David Duggar married Abbie Burnett in a plane-themed ceremony.

In addition to aeronautic vibe, the occasion was different from the usual Duggar wedding in a number of important ways.

Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar in the Sunlight

For one, John David was much older than the typical Duggar groom.

The family's resident pilot was 28 when he and Abbie tied the knot.

Obviously, that's a perfectly normal age at which to get married -- in fact, many Americans would consider John to be on the young side.

John David and Abbie Duggar Pic

But the Duggars believe they were put on this planet for two reasons -- to praise Jesus, and to create more Christians so that they can praise Jesus.

For that reason, Duggars are often married off in their teens or very early twenties.

John David and Abbie welcomed their first child less than a year after tying the knot, so they're definitely making up for lost time.

John David and Abbie Duggar and Grace

And it seems that as an "older" Duggar couple they weren't subjected to all the same rules as their younger predecessors.

In fact, insiders say John David and Abbie didn't follow the family's courtship rules at all.

They did, however, observe other family traditions.

John David Duggar, Abbie Duggar on Counting On

For example, John David and Abbie both refrained from opening social media accounts until they were engaged.

(We're not sure why this is a Duggar rule, but then, there's a lot we don't understand about Duggardom.)

These days, John and Abbie share a joint Instagram account ... which is what made their anniversary post so confusing.

John David and Abbie Anniversary Pic

"No one else makes my heart as happy as you do. No one else makes me smile or feel so loved," read the caption on the coupled-up pic above.

"I just want you to know that with you is where I always want to be. Happy 2nd anniversary, my love!"

Not surpsingly, those who know the couple best were quick to offer their congratulations.

Abbie and John Duggar

"Happy Anniversary, you two!" wrote Jessa Duggar.

"Happy Anniversary! You two were made for each other!!" added the Duggar family's official account.

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOVE YOU BOTH!" Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates chimed in.

Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar ... and Baby

Fans who don't know the couple personally were also quick to offer their congratulations.

"John David always has the biggest, brightest smile whenever he’s around you Abbie," one wrote.

"You can really tell that he’s in love with you. You guys make the cutest couple and I’m glad you guys have each other."

Abbie Duggar and John David

"I've never seen John smile [on the show, or in pictures] like he does now since you came into his life," another added.

"You obviously light up his life! Happy 2nd Anniversary John & Abbie!"

You get the point -- the response was overwhelmingly positive, and very few people were left with the same question that we have:

Namely, who wrote that caption, and to whom is it addressed?

Does Abbie run the account? John David?

Maybe these two should start signing their individual posts to avoid this kind of confusion.

We know the country is facing some slightly more consequential questions today, but we demand answers, dammit!

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