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For a family famous for its dedication to reproduction, the Duggars have very strict rules about male-female relations.

The Duggars caught the attention of TV producers who were drawn to the spectacle of this nice, young-ish couple.

Lotta those out there, sure. But Jim Bob and Michelle had 14 kids, more on the way, and no plans for how to … anything.

Yet they made it work, and while their lifestyle was clearly different than most of us can relate to, it became a big hit.

Faith, family and frugality were the central tenets of Jim Bob and company, and soon, an empire was growing.

But as time went on, more Duggars entered the world, and their show became more popular, eyebrows were raised.

Viewers and producers alike realized that the Duggars’ belief system was even more unusual than the size of the clan.

Jim Bob and Michelle are downright obsessed with rules, and Duggar courtship guidelines are the strictest of them all.

But as you’re about to find out, they’re also the toughest to enforce. Especially nowadays as the young ones grow up.

Some recent developments – including a shocking accusation of infidelity – have led to even more increased scrutiny.

Keep reading for a breakdown of how each Duggar duo responded to the stringent edicts governing their sex lives.