Audrey Roloff Brags About Trip to Bora Bora, Leaves Critics Aghast

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At some point, Audrey Roloff will perhaps learn to keep her mouth shut.

Either that, or she might just wanna turn off her mentions on social media.

Smiling with Pumpkins

But the former Little People, Big World star appears to have stuck her foot very deeply into her mouth once again, following something she said online that has prompted critics around the Internet to respond in unison.

With a giant palm slapped across their respectiive foreheads.

On Monday, the mother of two jumped on Boomerang to share footage of herself smiling broadly after finding out that she "won a free trip to Bora Bora in January."

Not much context was provided to how Audrey managed to earn this vacation.

bora bora

But the mere suggestion of it was enough to set most of the Internet against Audrey, considering we're living amid a global pandemic and everything.

"Is the South Pacific even open?" one person asked on Reddit, answering her own question as follows:

"EDIT - I checked. Negative Covid test, a certain one by a certain place, with 3 days of travel. But you still have to wear masks the whole flight and on the island.

"Good luck with that, Aud!"

Audrey Roloff Holds Book

Added another: "Always more people to spready Covid-19 in Bora Bora."

And another:

"My favorite thing to think but (so far) not comment on people's social media posts right now is ' a pandemic?' It's appropriate here."

And yet another person simply asked, "But Covid?"

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic

Audrey got in trouble many months ago when she first shared a message about the coronavirus.

On a podcast with husband Jeremy, Audrey tried to inspire listeners back in April, saying on air:

"We talk about the helpfulness of writing down your questions in the face of so much uncertainty, practical ideas for being intentional at home with a toddler, and the importance of giving people extra grace right now."

Yes, that sounds nice on the surface.

Roloffs Ride Bikes

However, numerous people fired back that Audrey is in a position of wealth and privilege and really is in no position to tell anyone else how to respond to a pandemic.

Previously, Audrey was also criticized for trying to profit off the Oregon wildfires.

And for the hollow way in which she responded to the Black Lives Matter movement this summer while Americans took to the streets to protest the George Floyd killing.

Like we said: Audrey would be well-served to just stop talking about stuff.

Audrey and Jeremy Together

A mother to three-year old Ember and almost-one-year old Bode, Audrey often likes to tell others how to feel, act and think.

She also likes to forget that she's richer than most people and is not in danger of losing her job or her healthcare during this pandemic and can go walk around outside with her kids on acres of land in Oregon any time she wants.

Oh, and that she can just up and fly to Bora Bora any time she wants, apparently.

Audrey Roloff remains very out of touch.

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