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James Duggar joined Instagram this week.

Normally, that would barely be worth mentioning, but sudden social media participation is often a precursor for big news in the Duggar clan.

James Duggar Image
Photo via Instagram

Specifically, it usually means that the new user has entered a courtship.

Yes, if you know anything about this family, you know that the Duggars love rules.

The rules don’t even have to make any sense for them to be strictly enforced.

Duggar Family Reunion 2020
Photo via Instagram

One such restriction is the ban on single Duggars opening social media accounts.

It doesn’t make much sense, but it’s strictly observed.

In fact, as far as we know, very few exceptions have been made:

Photo via Instagram

Jana Duggar opened an Instagram account last year, and she’s still proudly single.

Of course, she’s also 30 — which is old maid territory in the Duggars’ world — and many believe that her parents’ consent was a concession to the fact that she might never get married.

In just about every case except Jana’s, a new Duggar Instagram account has been followed by news of a courtship.

Which is why so many fans are currently convinced that James Duggar is the next to announce that he’s found his match.

James launched an Instagram page this week, and while he has yet to post anything, the fact that he’s followed by Jana and several other prominent Duggars seems to verify that it’s really him.

Among those who immediately smashed that follow button on James’ account was 20-year-old Justin Duggar.

Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar! Together!
Photo via Instagram

Justin began courting Claire Spivey in July and he joined Instagram shortly thereafter.

“God brought Claire in my life and I wasn’t really expecting it, but he brought her along right when I needed her and ever since then, I just knew she was the one,” Justin said art the time the courtship was announced.

“Claire has a lot of good qualities and I could sit here and tell you all of them, but there’s so many good things in her that I see and each and every day, I just see more and more good and I’m so blessed to have her in my life.” 

Photo via Instagram

So will James be gushing about some lucky evangelical lady himself in the very near future?

Well, not necessarily.

You see, Jana’s not the only one to break precedent with regard to the Duggars and social media.

Jana Duggar Courting?
Photo via TLC

Last year, twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah both joined Instagram, but there were extenuating circumstances.

Jed was running for office, and his parents probably decided that he needed to be active on social media in order to remain competitive — and there’s a good change they didn’t want his twin to feel left out.

So it’s possible that Jason is gearing up to promote a new business venture, or something … but the most likely explanation remains that he’s found love.